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WhatsApp Group privacy settings updated. Only join groups you want

By Anton D. Nagy April 3, 2019, 6:00 pm
WhatsApp Group

If you’ve been using WhatsApp for any decent amount of time, you’ve probably been added, with or without your consent, to a WhatsApp Group chat. Adding participants is very easy, and does not require you to accept any invitations whatsoever. You’re just added to the group, and that’s it. That is why WhatsApp is making some changes to your privacy settings inside the app, so you can prevent this from happening in the future.

It’s a new privacy setting and invite system that helps you decide who can add you to groups. You can find it inside the app’s Settings, Account, Privacy, and Groups.  There you have the option to choose between “Nobody”, “My Contacts”, or “Everyone”, depending on who you want to allow to add you to a group.

The person inviting you to a group will be prompted to send a private invite through an individual chat, giving you the choice of joining the group. You’ll have three days to accept the invite before it expires.

You might not see these settings right away. According to the official wording, these are rolling out starting today to users, so it might reach your phone a tad later. In any case, WhatsApp Group privacy settings should be available worldwide in the coming weeks for those using the latest version of the app.

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