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A big reason to back up your WhatsApp account to Google Drive

By Jules Wang August 20, 2018, 1:46 pm

If you use WhatsApp on a regular basis, you probably have a ton of chats, voice clips, pictures and videos clogged up in your phone. And since the app does all of that downloading automatically, you may find yourself with less space than you’d like. So, why not back it all up? Well, just because it’s a crap ton of data on your phone doesn’t mean it becomes less of a crap ton when you move it to the cloud.

Fortunately for Android users who use Google Drive, WhatsApp will no longer be a problem for them. Google and FaceBook have entered into an agreement to store WhatsApp backups for free on Google Drive — meaning that it won’t count against users’ Google One storage bank.

Anyone who has a backup on Google Drive already is being recommended to do a manual refresh before October 30. The new agreement will officially take hold on November 12, but many users will have already seen the benefits by then.

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