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WhatsApp brings new contact UI to iPhone, Message Reactions launch nears

By Sanuj Bhatia March 23, 2022, 3:26 am
whatsapp for iPhone Source: Pocketnow

WhatsApp has been working behind the scenes to bring new features to both Android and iOS. In this piece, we go through the new contact screen info UI that WhatsApp has launched on iOS, message reactions that are being widely tested, and the pause and resume voice-recording feature that was previously disabled on Android.

New Contact Screen UI on iPhone

whatsapp new contact screen ui ios Source: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp is rolling out a new contact screen UI on iOS. The new UI looks more in line with iOS 15. Earlier, WhatsApp used to show the profile photo, call options, about, and other things in one section. This section has been separated with spacing in between, just like iOS' own Contacts app. Profile photo shows up in a circle, with options like call, video chat, and search underneath it. The new contact screen UI is now available on the stable WhatsApp version for iPhone.


Message Reactions nearing launch

whatsapp message reaction wabetainfo Source: WABetaInfo

We have been hearing about WhatsApp adding iMessage and Telegram-like emoji reactions to the app since last November. The feature has been under development for a long time and it has finally made its way to the public beta version on WhatsApp for Android. Currently, six emojis are present, which include thumbs up (👍), heart (❤️), face with tears of joy (😂), face with open mouth (😮), crying face (😢), and folded hands (🙏). Given that the feature has made it to the public beta test, we can expect WhatsApp to roll out the feature in the stable version in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp disables document previews on Android

whatsapp document preview Source: WABetaInfo

A preview report from WABetaInfo suggested that an update to WhatsApp will bring a rich preview to the files that are shared as documents. Currently, photos and videos shared as documents do not show a preview. Instead, WhatsApp only shows the file name for the document. An update would bring the feature that would allow you to preview a photo (sent as a document) on WhatsApp. However, the app developers have now disabled the feature as the document preview appeared to be broken. WABetaInfo says that the feature will be fixed soon and could make it to the beta stage soon.

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