What’s Your Problem? Report Looks At Top Issues With Popular Smartphones

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. No matter how great the latest smartphone to arrive sounds on paper, spend enough time actually using it, and you’ll always end up finding something that bugs you. It might be a problem with the build quality, or some unintuitive software, but users will always find something to complain about. FixYa’s been keeping track of the complaints it hears regarding several popular models, giving us a look at some of the top user-reported issues.

In the Android camp, we’ve got the brand-new Galaxy S III, as well as the Galaxy Nexus. For both models, the number-one complaint is the handset’s microphone failing to pick up any sound. This is clearly a software issue, and what’s apparently quite the annoying one, at that. After that, users cite the desire for increased battery life as their second biggest gripes, again for both models.

For the iPhone 4S, on the other hand, battery issues take the top spot. That’s followed up by wireless connectivity bugs, with WiFi and Bluetooth problems in the number two and three spots, respectively.

The top-reported problems with Windows Phone models get a little more interesting. Apparently the main complaint of HTC Titan II owners is dissatisfaction with the phone’s screen resolution. That strikes us as more than a little odd; that’s not an issue that creeps-up on you, and should have been apparent to anyone who actually spent some hands-on time with the phone before purchasing. This resolution is also hardly exclusive to the Titan II, leaving us scratching our heads.

The Lumia 900’s biggest issue has been the phone’s purple-ish screen tint, but with a software fix now out, we consider that to be a moot point.

For both the 900 and the Titan II, a major complaint was that users had trouble finding apps. We’re not sure if that’s supposed to be a UI issue, and speaks to a failure on Microsoft’s part with just how intuitive Windows Phone really is, or is a complaint about the app selection for the platform in general.

Finally, FixYa points out user issues with the BlackBerry Curve, but as it doesn’t mention just which Curve we’re talking about (it shows a picture of an ancient model with hardware trackball), we’ll assume it’s something like the 9350. The biggest complaints deal with glitchy firmware, but users also take issue with the general lack of apps on BlackBerry.

Source: FixYa
Via: IntoMobile

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