What’s New in HTC Sense 3.5 for Android?

A new version of HTC Sense, version 3.5, is on its way out for upcoming HTC devices like the Bliss, and, thanks to future ROM updates and the work of the development community, current and last-generation devices will be able to get in on the Sense 3.5 goodness at some time in the future.

This morning, we showed you a video (taken by XDA.cn) of Sense 3.5 running on an HTC Bliss. The video covers a lot of the new functionality of the updated interface, and here’s an outline of the most interesting bits. Naturally, we won’t be able to tell the full extent of Sense’s overhaul until we get Sense 3.5 into the Pocketnow labs.

1. Ability to remove home screen panels


At long last, you can finally remove home screen panels in Sense 3.5. No longer are you required to have seven; you can go into the panel view and slide a given panel to the bottom of the display to remove it.

2. Visually refreshed browser


The browser now uses a gray color scheme. You’ll also notice that the HTC Sense slider on the bottom of the Favorites screen is more rectangular than before, and this theme is carried over for all stock programs.

3. New homescreen button design


For the first time ever, HTC is doing away with the Sense “Arc” that resides on the bottom of each homescreen. In its place is just two buttons, one for apps, and one presumably for the Customization screen or Phone app.

4. New widgets and animations


HTC has some of the best third-party Android widgets out there. New to Sense 3.5 is a Notes widget that resembles that of the HTC Flyer. Also new, as you can see throughout the video, are new screen-to-screen animations, instead of the typical fading that stock Android provides.

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