What’s Behind Google’s 10 Billion Apps Promotion?

Yesterday we told you about a promo Google was running in the Android Market: 10-cent Featured Apps. What’s Google celebrating? Ten Billion apps have been downloaded from the Market. Impressive!

The promotion will reportedly run for a total of ten days, each day ten new apps will be offered for 10-cents. To see what apps you can get for 10-cents check out Google’s 10 Billion Downloads timed promotions page. At the time of this writing that link is showing yesterday’s deals. Today’s deals a hidden in the Editor’s Choice apps in the app version of the Market.

Here are today’s ten apps:

1. AirSync by doubleTwist

2. Beautiful Widgets

3. Christmas HD live wallpaper

4. Flick Golf

5. Fruit Ninja

6. NFL Rivals

7. Read it Later Pro

8. Reckless Racing

9. Star Chart

10. Bedtime Battle (thanks to everyone who sent this in!)

What’s Google up to with this promotion, other than letting us get some pretty cool apps for sweet prices?

Amazon features a free app every day, arguably to entice people to use their Appstore. Might Google continue this promotion after the ten-days as a way to combat Amazon’s enticing free app a day?

Could Google be trying to close the gap on iOS app downloads (which we believe to be above 16 Billion)? If so, we don’t think the number of downloaded apps will double in the next several days, but we’re curious to see how the promotion will influence the total number of apps purchased!

(Geoffrey Farinha contributed to this article)

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