The Fujitsu-Toshiba IS12T is plenty noteworthy as the first smartphone to run Windows Phone Mango. More than that, though, it could also pick up a reputation as one of the most expensive Windows Phone devices around; pricing information reveals that the IS12T could end up costing its users nearly $1000.

Price data comes courtesy of one of carrier KDDI’s subsidiaries, which posted the price points for the IS12T with various service options. With no contract at all, the Mango-running smartphone will fetch a jaw-dropping $958. Even on a two-year service contract, the price only drops to $458, still well out of the range of many smartphone consumers. The only rational number we’ve seen is $252, which you’ll only be eligible for if you’re both a new subscriber as well as commit to two years of service. Even then, that’s on the higher end of the smartphone price spectrum.

To its credit, the IS12T has some decidedly above-tier hardware specs, like its 32GB of flash storage, but even considering those and the Mango allure, this one could be a tough sell.

Update: Thanks to all the commenter pointing out how these prices fit in with the Japanese smartphone market as a whole. We still feel that this is pushing the limits for what anyone would pay for a smartphone.

Source: Nanapho

Via: WMPoweruser

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