triple-camera LG V40
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You know it’s a little late in the game to be rounding up rumors when LG starts pushing out press releases not only telling you when it will launch its latest smartphone, but what that phone will look and feel like. Still, we think a timeline of leaks, rumors and other events leading up to this point would be appreciated. Context is key, after all.

  • It started back in April when Evan Blass tweeted out a couple of details of the impending V40 release — that it had an internal codename of “Storm” and would come out around the same time as the other ‘V’ phones.
  • We ran an advertorial late in June from LG that emphasized the same talking point that the company had been pushing for a long time: artificial intelligence will help keep its phones running smoothly in the long run as consumers wait and wait for upgrades.
  • A week later, Android Police blew the door wide open with word that the phone would have five cameras: two on the selfie side with perhaps a hint of advanced hardware-based facial recognition technology and three on the rear. One of the cameras was left as a wild card while the others were the usual suspects for LG: a regular view and a super-wide angle. The typical Quad DAC was also called out.
  • Things have heated up in the past month. Late in August, multiple renders were posted in the span of a week. The “ThinQ” branding was confirmed to be stuck at the end of the LG V40 name.

LG V40

  • The next week, we found out that the third camera would be a telephoto lens at 2x the focal length of the regular camera. The wide-angle camera would get a 16-megapixel sensor while the others would get 12-megapixel units. Other specs divulged by Android Authority included, a Snapdragon 845 with 6GB of RAM standard, a 6.4-inch plastic OLED display and a somewhat small 3,300mAh battery.
  • Then LG gave up the kit and kaboodle: the V40 ThinQ would launch in Korea on October 4.
  • From there, it was LG to the max: a week later, it stepped up its marketing with a detailed survey on how people used smartphone cameras. The week after, it brought out the “in-hand feel” factor with talk of the V40’s sand-blasted glass body.
  • We started with @evleaks, we end with @evleaks. Yesterday, he tweeted that the LG Watch Timepiece that had seemingly been in developmental limbo for most of the year would finally come out with the V40 ThinQ as the LG Watch W7.
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