When Google Now became a two-tiered information delivery system: the “Feed” and the “Upcoming.” Users had to stare at a bunch of stories from the web before being able to click on an outbox icon to check on weather, traffic, flight or reservation status, stocks, reminders and other appointment information.

Well, those parts of the Feed might still be separate, but at least they have been revamped a little bit with Material Design 2.0 — it’s a philosophy that includes cards of information with wide-radius rounded corners and higher information density. Entering into the Google Assistant app will bring up all the information users might need to be reminded of or to look forward.

As for the story feed, Android Police reports that a revised look has come to that includes a search bar at the top, a weather module right below and then stories with some highlighted articles tagged with a general Google search term. To the right of the term is a hamburger button for more actions. Users also used to be able to share stories right from the Feed, but that ability has been cut out in this latest update — perhaps to encourage users to actually read the things they’re going to share.

Ryne Hager, Android Police

The design takes away categorized modules and is overall less space-efficient than the previous iteration, something that has drawn ire from Material Design 1.0 purists.

In any case, Material Design 2.0 has been making its way across many of Google’s apps for Android and iOS including Gmail and Maps, but it always seems to be this product that gets a lot of visceral reaction.

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