What is this OneNote Thing About?

One of the things that I’m excited about in Windows Phone 7, but haven’t really heard too much about just yet, is the OneNote Skydrive syncing. We don’t know exactly how that might work, but many of you may not even know about how useful OneNote can be on the desktop. So let’s take a look at that, and then maybe you can imagine how having OneNote on Windows Phone 7 might be useful.

We’ll start by looking at the OneNote Web App that we can launch from Skydrive. When I go to my SkyDrive folders, I can open a Notebook right there in the Web App. There are some basic features for editing and formatting text, inserting and resizing pictures, etc. but if you really want to do some cool stuff with the real OneNote 2010, click the “Open in OneNote” button. That will download the Notebook and open it in OneNote 2010 as you would expect, but it will also automatically set up a syncing relationship between the notebook stored on your computer and the one in SkyDrive. In other words, from now on, whenever you open OneNote 2010 on your desktop, that notebook will be there and it will sync itself with the version on SkyDrive automatically all the time. This also works for setting up the SkyDrive syncing on multiple computers. The SkyDrive syncing is a new feature in OneNote 2010, and it has made organizing notes on multiple computers an absolute joy.

With OneNote notebooks you can organize information on practically anything from vacations, projects at work, class notes at school, etc. You can also store and link to practically anything from within your OneNote notebook.

For more information, training videos, and courses on OneNote, check out Microsoft’s OneNote Support page

You may recognize many of the features of OneNote 2010 from the concept design for the Microsoft Courier two screened tablet. If Courier was real, it probably would have been able to sync with OneNote on the desktop.

Are you already a OneNote user? Are you curious and excited about seeing how this will work on Windows Phone 7?

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