What is the T-Mobile SnapPad?

T-Mobile appears poised to launch yet another tablet computing device, according to a trademark filing and several domain registrations, this one going by the name SnapPad. While the USPTO application is typically brief — the mark seeks protection against simply “tablet computers” — the company seems to have registered T-MobileSnapPad.com (with and without the hyphen) along with the .net, .org, .info, and .biz variants.

As for the identity of the SnapPad, there seem to be several existing candidates, plus the equally-real possibility that it represents unannounced hardware. Obviously the OptimusPad has already been revealed as the G-Slate, but we recently saw evidence that T-Mobile could be planning to carry the HTC Flyer as well; with its myTouch and G-series of devices, Magenta is no stranger to rebranding HTC devices.

However, the name here evokes connotations of a model with some distinguishing physical characteristic, such as one that “snaps” closed. If that is indeed the case, it’s possible that we’ve got a rebadge of the recently introduced Sony S2, a hinged tablet with dual 5.5-inch screens. Or we could be looking at a different device completely, one whose screen or possibly keyboard snaps out from the main enclosure. Whatever it is, the SnapPad sounds intriguing.

Source: USPTO, DotWeekly

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