This one will raise some eyebrows. Last week, at CES 2020, Samsung’s head of mobile reportedly revealed, behind closed doors, that the name of its next foldable smartphone will be the Samsung Galaxy Bloom. We’re talking about the phone that’s been in the headlines recently with the foldable clamshell form factor.

Now reputable leakster Ice universe took it to Twitter to announce a certain upcoming Galaxy Z Flip. And here’s where the controversy starts. It could be the name of the phone previously known as the Galaxy Bloom (previously known as the Galaxy Fold 2), or it could be a different phone altogether.

The letter Z could easily indicate a double-folding/dual-folding smartphone, which isn’t something hard to imagine. In that case, Samsung is either working on it, has a prototype it will show off, or it’s finalized.

It could also mean that Samsung is changing its naming convention. It’s already doing it with turning the Galaxy S11 into the Galaxy S20, so it is possible for the Z-series to define the folding line-up.

There are lots of theories, what do you think this is?

Source: Twitter

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