What Is the Motorola Droid HD?

Usually one to keep its EXIF data pretty close the to chest, Motorola may have slipped up and revealed an intriguing new model by way of some Flickr images: the Motorola Droid HD. Notably, the shots were captured in Libertyville, Illinois, where Motorola happens to have a campus.

Obviously the name brings to mind immediate connotations of a phone with 720p resolution, which would best even the Retina and qHD displays found on the iPhone 4 and high-end Android handsets, respectively. Such a large number of pixels is not out of the realm of possibility, as the next Nexus device (said to once again be manufactured by Samsung) is rumored to run Ice Cream Sandwich on a 720×1280 display; LG may also have its own high-definition handset in the works, the P930.

One possibility here is that we’re actually looking at the restyled Droid Bionic — i.e. Targa — although there haven’t been any whispers of a rebranding, and Bionic’s presumed qHD screen would seem to preclude it from using the HD marketing. Another possibility is that mystery phone we recently spotted, which seemed to lack any visible buttons. We’ll certainly be keeping our eye on this one.

Source: Flickr

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