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ESPN+ overview: what is ESPN Plus?

By Roland Udvarlaki July 20, 2021, 11:00 am
espn+ streaming service

There are a number of sport streaming platforms available today, but only some include original video content, in-depth analysis, and stream live games in high definition. That’s where ESPN+ comes in, which offers one of the most comprehensive packages at a very affordable price, including many perks that aren’t available at other streaming providers.

What is ESPN+? How is it different from ESPN?

ESPN+ includes thousands of exclusive live events, original studio shows, and series that aren’t available on traditional ESPN networks. While ESPN+ is different from ESPN, the two share a lot of things in common. Namely, both provide high-quality sports content that focuses on the most important games, leagues, players, and teams in NHL, NFL, NBA, and more.


ESPN+ allows subscribers to purchase UFC PPV events and provides access to an extensive archive of on-demand content. This includes the entire 30 For 30 library, behind-the-scenes content, select ESPN films, game replays, and so much more. Think of ESPN+ as an ultimate supplementary streaming service that offers all of the extra content you always wanted to check out but didn’t know existed.

ESPN+ content is available in HD through the ESPN app on any device you can think of, assuming it can connect to the internet. It includes the web, mobile phones, games consoles, smart TVs, computers, and tablets. It also provides exclusive fantasy sports tools and premium articles from some of the most respected and trusted voices in sports news and opinion. All of this is in the ESPN+ subscription that combines the best sports content into an affordable package.

What does ESPN+ offer?

ESPN Plus shows

The service costs only $6.99 per month or $69.99 for the whole year. ESPN+ lets you watch all kinds of sports games, including international soccer, NHL and MLB games during their regular seasons, and more. The service also enables you to watch these sports events live, such as boxing matches, golf’s PGA Tour, and many more.

One of the main reasons people pick ESPN+ over other streaming services is because it offers live UFC events in the US. All Fight Night and PPV events are streamed live on ESPN+, but it’s worth mentioning that PPV requires you to spend a little more for exclusive access.

Alongside the live sports events included in the subscription, the service also provides original programming, replays of most of the previously shown games and matches, and the perk of seeing fewer advertisements. A broad range of sports are available, and the service includes the entire 30 For 30 documentaries. While ESPN+ gives you access to many live events and matches, the ESPN network is very closely tied together to provide the best and seamless experience. This is why a cable subscription is also strongly recommended, especially if you are a sports fan. Without cable, you miss out on key live events such as NFL Live and many boxing events live on ESPN3. 

What’s not included with ESPN+?

ESPN+ is not the same as ESPN, ESPN2, and other ESPNews cable networks; therefore, subscribing to ESPN+ will not grant you access to content from those channels. ESPN+ also offers an exclusive UFC PPV (Pay-Per-View) to watch matches. These PPV events cost $70 for existing subscribers, but a special discounted bundle is also available for new subscribers that includes a one-year membership and one Pay-Per-View event for just $89.98. The last UFC PPV fight happened on July 10 at UFC 264: Poirer vs McGregor.

What is ESPN+ Overview Disney

UFC PPV & ESPN+ Annual

As a friendly reminder, an ESPN+ subscription does not give you access to stream ESPN’s traditional TV networks or the content from them. A television subscription through a cable, satellite, or digital provider will be necessary to stream those networks.

How much does ESPN+ cost?

The ESPN+ subscription starts at $6.99 per month, but you can save 15% with an ESPN+ Annual Plan at $69.99 per year. If you don’t want to do the math, the monthly plan for 12 months would add up to $83.88, so you could save $13.89 by choosing the annual plan.

If you are looking for an even better deal and even more streaming content, an ESPN+ with Hulu and Disney Plus package is also available from just $13.99 – which is a $6 saving compared to picking each of the services separately. The Disney+ bundle includes Disney+ and Hulu for a low, affordable price. Disney gives you access to classic Disney animations, Pixar movies, 31 seasons of The Simpsons, documentaries from National Geographics, all of the Marvel and Star Wars films, and Hulu’s originals. If you haven’t yet decided whether this is the best deal available for you, you can also upgrade from an existing ESPN+ account without having to cancel your current subscription.


Get the Disney+ Bundle

Where can I stream ESPN+?

espn how to stream on your device
ESPN+ is available on a number of different devices and platforms

ESPN+ is available on a lot of different devices and platforms. As you would expect, it can stream on most of your favorite platforms and even in your web browser, regardless of what platform and operating system you are using. The ESPN app is downloadable on Apple App Store, Android’s Google Play Store, Amazon Fire devices, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Oculus Go. If you would like to find out where you can watch ESPN, you can visit this page for more information.

One of the best things about ESPN+ is that you can stream content on up to 3 devices simultaneously, all at once. The service costs the same on all of the platforms mentioned above, and the streaming quality is also the same. If you already have an existing ESPN account, there is no need to sign up for a new one; you can simply subscribe to the Plus service using the same profile. One more thing worth pointing out is that with ESPN+, you’ll need an internet connection to watch the live events and stream any content, so don’t cancel your cable just yet.

Can I watch ESPN+ in High Definition?

Disney+ and Hulu offer their streaming services in the maximum resolution possible today, in ultra high definition – also known as 4K. ESPN+ is currently streamed at 1080p Full HD at 60fps, with the stream being downgraded if necessary to 720p HD.

How do I sign up for ESPN+?

You can head over to the ESPN+ website and create an account. If you have already signed up for the service in the past, you can sign right in and update your membership. The monthly membership for $6.99 a month is not much when you consider what you’re getting for your money, that is, high-quality, original content and exclusive access to live sports events, access to countless behind-the-scenes, replays, and so much more. If you know this is certainly for you, the annual subscription package will save you a few bucks. If, however, you want to watch even more content, the Disney+ Bundle certainly is a fantastic deal, including hundreds of movies and your favorite tv shows.

Unfortunately, ESPN+ removed its seven-day trial period for new members back in 2020, which means that you’ll have to sign up for at least a month for the service. Luckily, this is very affordable, and you can cancel it anytime, although if you’re a true sports fan, we don’t think that’ll be necessary.

What is ESPN+ Overview Disney

ESPN+ Monthly

What is ESPN+ Overview Disney

ESPN+ Annual


Disney+ Bundle

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