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What is Digital Bezel and why did Samsung trademark it?

By Anton D. Nagy June 18, 2019, 12:00 pm

Samsung has filed a trademark application with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) for something called Digital Bezel. While companies often file for trademarks and patents that don’t make it to the market, this one seems to be rather strange.

There are two theories, at the moment, regarding Samsung Digital Bezel. The first one is related to earlier rumors according to which the Pro version of the Note10 would ditch the physical buttons for pressure sensitive regions on the side of the device. This Digital Bezel application would manage how the phone reacts when those regions were touched or squeezed, but recent reports and leaks debunked the original rumor.

On the other hand, since Samsung phones are using punch holes to maximize screen real estate, this software bit could cut off the portion of the screen with the punch hole, in order to create a bezel artificially, for content to be uninterrupted (un-punctured). This is something other manufacturers have been doing, with LG coming to mind.

Regardless of what it will be, the trademark application does reveal that we’re looking at an “application”, so this could very well be just a software bit.

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