Apple MagSafe for iPhone 12

Apple announced the iPhone 12 lineup a few hours ago. Alongside the new range of devices, it also introduced Apple MagSafe for iPhone 12. Up until now, ‘MagSafe’ was used to refer to the popular MacBook charger that used a magnetic connector. Now, Apple has announced ‘MagSafe for iPhones’ that brings a whole new concept to the term.

What is Apple MagSafe for iPhone 12?

The term ‘Mag’ in MagSafe stands for magnetic and the newly announced iPhone 12 series features magnets on the rear to help align compatible wireless chargers. These can be used as mounting points for other accessories including cases. Apple is allowing the use of magnets on iPhones to let users snap their phones into the optimal position for charging. It can help prevent losses in efficiency and charging speed due to misalignment. The Apple MagSafe for iPhone 12 chargers are Qi standard compliant and deliver up to 15W charge.

Apple MagSafe for iPhone 12

The new Apple MagSafe charger is priced at $39 (INR 4,500 in India). It will be made available starting October 16. Apple will soon reveal the pricing and availability of information for the MagSafe Duo accessory. The company is also selling silicone cases in eight colors. There are clear plastic cases as well as a snap-on leather wallet that will go on sale in for color options starting October 16. The leather sleeve will also go on sale in the future.

As for the leather wallet, it can snap on to the back of any of the new iPhone 12 models. It is built to protect and shield the credit cards, says Apple. Further, the leather sleeve has a cutout where the time is shown on an iPhone screen.

How does Apple MagSafe for iPhone 12 work?

Apple MagSafe for iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 series features several layers at the back that includes a magnetometer, a copper-graphite shield, a Nanocrystalline shield, a magnet array, an alignment magnet, a charging coil, a polycarbonate housing, an NFC coil, and an E-shield. These layers allow several wireless accessories to connect with the phone. Apple says that the magnets are optimized with a custom nano-crystalline shield. They can deal with magnetic flux and new NFC and magnetic field sensors.

Apple MagSafe for iPhone 12 accessories

As of now, Apple is releasing these MagSafe accessories for its new iPhone 12 lineup:

  • MagSafe charger
  • MagSafe Duo Charger
  • iPhone 12 | 12 Pro Silicone Case with MagSafe
  • iPhone 12 | 12 Pro Clear Case with MagSafe
  • iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe
  • iPhone 12 mini Silicone Case with MagSafe
  • iPhone 12 mini Clear Case with MagSafe
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max Silicone Case with MagSafe
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max Clear Case with MagSafe
Apple MagSafe for iPhone 12

The company has already mentioned that it is expecting third-party vendors including Belkin – which will announce a car mount and multi-charger dock soon – to come up with more MagSafe accessories.

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