What if the HD2 ran Android?

There are a lot of people out there looking at the great hardware design and capabilities of the HTC HD2, and wishing that it shipped with Android instead of Windows Mobile. This is likely due to the popular perception that Windows Mobile is no good and Android is so much better despite actual functionality that may suggest otherwise. Of course, the advantages or disadvantages of Windows Mobile and Android depend on your specific needs and there are many overlaps. What if the HD2 ran Android instead of Windows Mobile?

  1. You wouldn’t have a free online backup service for PIM, Documents, Photos, Music, SMS (Microsoft MyPhone)
  2. You wouldn’t have any way to call (turn ringer on remotely), find, or wipe a lost phone (Microsoft MyPhone)
  3. You wouldn’t have the most capable voice-only mobile user interface (Microsoft Voice Command)
  4. You wouldn’t have Microsoft Office built in
  5. You wouldn’t be able to log into remote servers using Remote Desktop
  6. You wouldn’t be able to securely connect to managed Exchange servers and maintain group policy, managed applications, etc.
  7. You wouldn’t be able to play the large number of video formats supported by CorePlayer or choose from any number of 3rd party video players
  8. You wouldn’t be able to effortlessly sync Recorded TV shows, videos and photos with Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player
  9. You wouldn’t be able to sync notes with Microsoft OneNote or Outlook
  10. You wouldn’t be able to access network file shares
  11. You wouldn’t be able to print to Bluetooth printers
  12. You wouldn’t be able to easily connect external wireless keyboards
  13. You wouldn’t be able to share a 3G internet connection via WiFi (without rooting your device)
  14. You wouldn’t have a variety of on-device GPS navigation programs that don’t need internet connectivity
  15. You wouldn’t be able to send SMS messages longer than 160 characters (Android doesn’t parse them into multiple messages)
  16. You wouldn’t be able to completely change your GUI with a simple CAB installation
  17. You would have to open two different Calendar applications in order to check your schedule
  18. You would have very limited or non-existent voice over IP applications
  19. You could easily sync your contacts, calendar and email with Google and multiple unmanaged Exchange accounts at the same time
  20. You would have a customizable multi-panel home screen that supports integrated widgets (Just like Spb Mobile Shell on Windows Mobile)
  21. You would have a Webkit web browser (Windows Mobile has Iris for Webkit)
  22. You would have to “root” your device in order to do any kind of GUI or theme customizations

What other advantages or disadvantages would there be to a Touch HD2 running Android?

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