Google isn’t much of a company that reminisces. In fact, it took the good folk over at Mountain View up until last year before they realized, “hey, maybe we should celebrate a little bit more often, huh?”

Android is turning eight tomorrow, Google says (or tweets), and the company wants to do something special especially for all of us. We got special dessert-themed wallpapers last year to celebrate Android’s seventh birthday, so why not whip the whisks out?

It seems like we’re playing “Greatest Hits” of recent Android history as KitKat, Marshmallow and Nougat get a feature in the picture, but not Lollipop. Makes sense, though, as we don’t want any acidic sweets screwing with whatever Google’s cooking up.

MobileSyrup brings up a point in that while September 24 is the day in 2008 that it co-opted an announcement with T-Mobile for the HTC-made G1 (that’s Android smartphone number one), the “real” birthday varies on interpretation. Was it actually when the G1 started selling (October 22, 2008)? Was it the first software release (September 23 [today], 2008)? Was it when Google announced what would become its mobile operating system (November 5, 2007)? Was it when it bought Android, Inc. (sometime in July of 2005)?

Are we going to pick straws, here, or are we going to look away from that gift horse’s mouth?

Via: MobileSyrup

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