With new software updates out, and peeks available at some new hardware that will finally introduce cellular data, RIM’s been having a relatively promising time lately with its PlayBook tablet. Sure, there’s some controversy over the app-signing/sideloading decision, but the tablet’s fate largely seems to have been on an upswing as of late. Tonight there’s one more bit of good news for PlayBook owners to be looking forward to, with RIM announcing “something wonderful” happening for the PlayBook tomorrow.

The RIM employee who tweeted-out the message that this treat will be waiting for us in the App World tomorrow turns out to be RIM’s Head of Gaming, Anders Jeppsson. That quickly has us narrowing down the possibilities of what could be in store for us to a few high-profile games.

Of all the speculation we’ve seen so far, Rovio’s Angry Birds Space sure seems like one of the most popular suggestions. After all, the app had briefly appeared in the App World back on April 10, where it was visible but not available for download before it was subsequently pulled. If that’s to be the case, that Space finally comes out tomorrow, you can expect it to sell for about $5; quite the premium over other platforms, but par for the course on BlackBerry.

Angry Birds Space feels like a pretty likely bet, but has anyone got any other theories worth broaching?

Source: Anders Jeppsson

Via: CrackBerry

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