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Wena Wrist Leather bands with FeliCa available for pre-order

By Jules Wang July 4, 2017, 12:45 am

Sony’s been accelerating some startup projects in Japan and one of them, a smartwatch company, has gone on to iterate with a bevy of new products for its watch wearers.

The Wena Wrist Leather band can lend itself out to make a more affordable, leaner smart-ish watch. It has no batteries, but does have FeliCa support so users can tap their analog or digital watch down for RFID-based mobile payments. It comes in 18mm, 20mm and 22mm sizes and will start shipping in late December for the price of ¥8,380 ($74).

Limited stock of a revised stainless steel Wena Wrist “Three Hands Square” analog watch case will also be available soon from ¥10,380 ($92) in and the advanced, battery-embedded stainless steel band — with LEDs for notifications and other information — will also be sold on July 11 in silver for ¥33,880 ($300) and in black for ¥36,880 ($326).

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