Weibo shows off iPhone 7 with edge-to-edge display port

We find ourselves on Weibo yet again with something that makes itself out to be a “real iPhone 7.” And beyond the flavor text and intense watermarking comes a claim we can’t substantiate just yet.


In the accompanying Weibo post, the original poster called out the A10 processor, 3GB of RAM and yes, the bezellessness. While we don’t usually stare into the abyss, — it does stare back into you after all — we may be able to glean some dark-colored bezels underneath the glass panel. Even if that can attributed as part of the compression artifacts in this picture, the only way we can know for sure that this thing has an edge-to-edge display is if we see it lit up. As in, on. Otherwise, it’s just a nice-looking display port.

Another seed of doubt? The three external commenters on the Weibo post doubt the veracity of the photo. You can leave your shop accusations in the comments.

Source: Weibo
Via: iClarified

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