In a bit of hubris, one Weibo user has decided to put out either conjecture or inside dirt about the Galaxy Note 6. It’s been framed as a leak since the user has been putting out some convincing material — including what are supposedly press renders of the Honor 5C — but don’t be taken back if any of this comes up false.

To brass tacks: we’re talking about the fabled Snapdragon 823 processor working its magic with 6GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage. A 4,200mAh battery should be powering a 5.8-inch screen (the leaker doesn’t say, but we can assume it’ll be the usual quad HD OLED treatment). Like its S7 siblings, the Note 6 will be rated IP68 for ingress protection. The camera will apparently be assisted by infared-based autofocus technology, though it could be a slip of the tongue — he could’ve meant laser.

The Weibo netizen also says that we may see flat and curved versions of the phone. If we’re talking Samsung, that’s likely going to mean a double-curved “edge” display. If we see further evidence pull through for this tidbit, it’ll be interesting to hear if the “S7 edge+” gets obviated.

The battery, as told here, is a bit more generous than the straight-up 4Ah we’ve previously speculated about. Everything else, except for the autofocus bit, has pretty much been hashed around before. And as much as we like hash around here, we think we’ll take another cup of coffee for now.

One Weibo user said that the original poster could’ve (maybe should’ve) used the word “possibly” in his post.

Source: Weibo
Via: PhoneArena

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