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Being a member of the media, inboxes start to get inundated around this time. There are a multitude of products being showcased at CES, and PR reps are hard at work fighting for your attention. In principle, I enjoy these pitches. There are some really neat products out there, and I love to hear about them. And every once in a while, a product really grabs you and captures your imagination. Sometimes it inspires a story or an editorial. Sometimes, it makes you want to go hands on. And then there are times that…well, let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?

I recently received a pitch for a Bluetooth speaker. I’m not going to name names in this article, because I’m not here to embarrass anyone. But this speaker has a lot going for it. It’s rugged. Awesome. It’s waterproof – excellent. It’s solar powered. I’m sorry, say again? Yes, the speaker is solar powered. And if it stopped there, I might’ve just hit the reply button and called it a day, but then there was this picture:



Now, I don’t think I have to tell you, that this photo set off just a host of questions all spinning around in my brain. Here’s just a rough sample:

  • What phone is she using to play music from?
  • Where is she keeping it? This is a legitimate question – she’s in a bikini and I don’t see a fanny pack.
  • What do you suppose she is listening to? My money’s on “Surfing for Dummies” the audio book.
  • Does the speaker come with a suction cup or some other surf board attachment?
  • Does the speaker float?
  • Why is she surfing in such calm waters?
  • Will she be able to hear the music once the wave comes?

And this is just a small sample. To be perfectly honest, I have lost sleep contemplating this photo. And so, I ask you, the readers. What does this photo do for you? What questions does it evoke? Can you answer any of my questions? Please, dear reader, help me through this valley of levity and confusion. I can’t wait to read your comments. Cheers!

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