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Week 51, 2013



xplay-3s-1 copyIn the qHD era, we wanted 720p resolution on our phones, but not everyone saw the advantages of moving to 1080p. Now that we’re at 1080p, we have similar feelings about 2K displays. And, talking about 2K displays, there’s quite a debate on what that means: though 2K definition requires a horizontal resolution above 2,000, 1080p is generally accepted as a 2K resolution. 2560 x 1440 is also called 1440p, and sometimes 2K HD, but whatever naming convention we use, that’s what the Vivo Xplay 3S uses on its six-inch screen. Overkill or not, we can’t fight it, so we’ll just have to accept 2014 will be about bumping resolutions once again. The rest of the specs are top-notch too!

htc-m7-beat-samsung-galaxy-s-iv-2 copy2K resolution is also tipped to arrive on the Samsung Galaxy S 5, whenever it will be launched, together with the next-gen security features of iris scanning. While these are all early rumors, as expected, before a major launch, whether Samsung or not, the fact alone that we’re talking iris scanners at the end of 2013 is a testimony of exactly how fast-paced this world we live in is. The S 5 can’t come soon enough, and, the market is slowly showing that, with Apple starting to outsell Samsung again, which is understandable at this point in the year.

Bluetooth 4.1 will also slowly make its way into our devices, and Joe Levi explains the advantages, after a short history of the standard. Go check it out if you haven’t already.

Holiday copy copyAs we’re approaching the end of 2013, we have published our traditional year-end series of posts where we looked back at 2013, and forward to 2014. There were recaps as well as predictions, and if you missed them, go check them out. We talked about “The biggest winners in 2013“, “The biggest disappointments in 2013“, “The best devices in 2013“, “The biggest winners in 2014 (prediction)“, “The biggest disappointments in 2014 (prediction)“, and “The most underrated devices in 2013“.

htc-one-max-massive1 copyWhile the Nexus 5 definitely made it on some of the lists mentioned above, Jaime Rivera is ranting about hardware revisions, and specifically why Google’s aren’t fair, while Taylor Martin is dusting off his crystal ball and tries to predict what you should expect from HTC in 2014. Add that to previous rumors of Sense 6 on top of the HTC M8 — or HTC Two, HTC One Two, HTC One 2, etc. — backed up by more hear-say, and you can slowly feel the buzz increasing.

Joe Levi’s getting technical, as usual, and explains why mobile browsers add an artificial delay to your taps.



Below you’ll find of our most popular videos this week. Maybe you want to start by getting your Pocketnow Daily fix, or by watching the Daily recap.

It was also a busy week in video! The Jolla-phone has arrived in our labs for an unboxing and first impressions video, and we compared the G Flex with the Galaxy S 4. We’ve got a durability report on the iPad Air, and looked at the One max Powerflip case. Check them out below!


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