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Week 50, 2013



kitkatsmallAndroid 4.4.1 rolled out to Nexus devices, and, just shortly after that, Google pushed out Android 4.4.2. It is a point-upgrade alright, but our own Joe Levi explains just what exactly is new in this release of Android, and what you should expect if you’re rocking a phone that wears the Nexus logo on the back.

Adam Doud is asking a rhetorical question (no, he’s actually asking you, the reader, so drop a comment, more than 130 people already have) regarding the screen size of Apple’s iPhone: does Apple know something we don’t? Is the company just stubborn, or are they having such a loyal customer-base that it will buy anything that Apple builds? All this while Samsung releases yet another phone — this time, one that I myself would definitely want — but it’s not a new phone per se: the Galaxy J was teased and then announced for Taiwan, after initially being only available on Japan’s NTT DoCoMo. Our own Jaime Rivera is talking Samsung, and you know what that means! Drop a comment if you agree that the world needs a better Samsung; also drop one if you disagree. There are some valid arguments there.

week 50As the year is finally ending, we’re looking to the future, and Stephen Schenck is specifically looking at screen resolution. He talks about the need of having a 2K screen on smartphone; we (and we’re referring to the consumers, not the reviewers) quickly waved off 720p screens in the qHD era, and we did the same with 1080p screens in the 720p era. Now, history’s once again repeating itself. We’re dismissing 2K screens in the 1080p era, and we’ll surely say “meh” to 4K screens when 2K will become mainstream. 🙂

The weirdest rumors surfaced in Windows Phone-land, regarding Windows Phone 9. We know there’s a Windows Phone 8.1 in the works, called “Blue”, which will allegedly bring on-screen navigation buttons, a la Android, to devices, but this Windows Phone 9 chatter really brings some WTF info to the headlines: Microsoft is planning to allegedly unleash in in the second half of 2014, without the once called Metro UI. Windows Phone 9, according to the same report, will also put an end to the RT era.

LG-G-Flex-out copyAnd since we mentioned the Android-like on-screen buttons on Android in the paragraph above, changes to the Android Action Bar could mark beginning of the end for hardware menu button, whether we’re talking phones, tablets, or phablets. A-propos, phablets: Taylor Martin is enumerating extremely valid advantages of carrying a jumbo-phone/phablet/oversized phone; call it what you will.

gs4-fire copy

At the end, here’s a little story: someone’s Galaxy S 4 allegedly blew up while on the charger and that someone has posted a YouTube video about it. Samsung, allegedly, instead of immediately apologizing and replacing the phone, is sending legal documents that generate obligations, among which the removal of said YouTube video. …and Nokia was on the look-out, equipping that person with a Lumia phone, in yet another PR pull from the Finnish phone maker. Check out all the details of the story.



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Our review of the Moto G is up, and there’s also an awesome video comparing the LG G Flex and the Samsung Galaxy Note III. We’re also looking at CyanogenMod 11 running on the Nexus 5, at the best third party launchers for Android, and, to go in tandem with our latest episode of the Pocketnow Live, we’re sitting down for a quick chat with Mark from SoldierKnowsBest in our Pocketnow VIP.


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