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Week 5 news recap



motonovo smallDespite being by far not the most popular story of the week, we’ll make an exception, as we believe it was by far the most interesting one; yes, we’re talking about the Google-Lenovo deal concerning Motorola. The Android-maker sold its own phone-maker, acquired in 2011 for $12.5 billion, for a much modest amount: $2.91 billion. However, Google decided to hold on to Motorola’s exhaustive patent portfolio, as well as the division in charge for the innovative Project Ara. Whether the deal makes sense to you or not is completely up to you, but we’ll give you one big reason why it does, and Michael Fisher explains it.

android-root-changes smallGetting back to the regular run-down of the most popular stories: it is Joe Levi’s piece concerning Android, and the mobile OS changing the way root works. If you want to know exactly what it means, make sure to read about the changes and benefits. And, if you’re the type of person who likes to future proof, Adam Doud talks about the importance of future proofing from various, interesting points of view.

M8 smallThe rumors around HTC’s upcoming phone, the M8, continue, and, this time, we hear about the phone-maker’s alleged plans to move its buttons to the screen. The 2013 One follow-up will have, according to this leak, on-screen buttons, pretty much like those seen on Nexus devices, and some others. While talking about the 2014 HTC One, we’re imagining the soon-to-be-announced flagship. Joe Levi is taking a good look at the 2013 flagship, its strengths and weaknesses, and is putting together a “wish list” for the One+/One Plus/One 2/One Two/or whatever you want to call it.

note-3-case-chip smallLast week we were kind of surprised to see third party accessories not work with the Galaxy Note 3 after the most recent update, and this week Samsung is giving an official explanation on the behavior, with a promise of a quick fix. In short, the company talks about “a software compatibility issue” which, according to plans, will be fixed.

We kicked off a “smartphone guessing game” where we showed you some pictures snapped with the phone, and you had to guess the phone used to shoot those stills. As Michael Fisher said, about 20% of you have managed to guess the device, but, judging by the number of requests from you to keep this series going, you’ll have a chance to improve that percentage in future upcoming installments.

nokia-booth smallWhile still talking rumors, we’re moving on to Windows Phone, and Nokia. According to the most recent chatter, Nokia is planning an entire Windows Phone 8.1 line-up for MWC. These phones will run the next iteration of Microsoft’s platform, and we should expect to see them on the Barcelona show floor. Phones include the Lumia 1820, 1525, and the 1520V.

More rumors, this time, probably non-MWC related, popped up regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S 5. An alleged test photo has been unveiled, probably taken with the upcoming phone, a carrier variant to be more specific, and it gives us some hints about its camera. We’re either looking at the 16MP ISOCELL shooter, or, if we tweak the aspect ration, we’re seeing a 20MP-ish sensor. Drop your comments and speculate away!

Productivity is much more than the buzz-word it was a couple of years back. It is what we all want from our devices and, if you’re anything like Taylor Martin, you should check out his top 5 productivity apps for Android.

S4BlackEdition smallWrapping up the most popular stories of the week column, we’re turning our heads towards Samsung again, as the South Korean phone-maker has announced a Black Edition Galaxy S 4 and Galaxy S4 Mini for Russia. It features a combination of the “old” and “new” design, where the back of the device is getting the faux stitched leather from the Note 3 and the CES tablet line-up. Sadly, the internals have not been bumped at all. Like it? Let us know!



We’re getting a little bit nostalgic when it comes to Google’s Nexus brand of phones, especially with the rumors that it might go away next year; we’re looking at the all new ebony Moto X, productivity apps for Android and iOS, and we’re going hands-on with the Pebble appstore. These are the most popular videos of week 5 on our YouTube channel.


…and those were the most popular stories of the week, which you shouldn’t have missed. Let us know of your thoughts in the comments down below, or in the comments of individual stories mentioned above. The Pocketnow Week in Review will be back next Sunday, with the most popular content of next week.

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