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This week we saw a few device launches, but Google stole all the headlines by not saying a thing.

Nexus 6 Camera and Headphone jackJoe Levi starts us off with why he thinks the Nexus 6 destroys all the competition out there. It’s hard to argue with his points except, in my opinion anyway, phablets are a second place team to start with. A 6-inch screen is just too darn big for a lot of people. Otherwise, the Galaxy Note 3 would be out selling the GS5, and it’s not despite a six-month head start. Still for those looking to tote around a surfboard that costs the same as any other flagship, sure I guess the Nexus 6 is compelling.

And since it is so compelling, why not read all about its launch, its pricing, and some of its availability. Our full spectrum of coverage gives you all of the details. First, we have the specifications that are downright beastly compared to former members of the Nexus family. Then, the bad news – the pricing of this beast, which is 100% fair to be honest, but is a definite departure from past generations of the Nexus. Is this new Nexus blazing new trails for its legacy? We’ll have to find out, but we do know it will be blazing those trails on AT&T, so there is that.

Nexus 6 Android 5.0 LollipopAlong with that news came the official name of Android L – Android Lollipop, oh lolli, lolli, lolli. Actually, I added that last part onto there. But now we have a definitive name although I don’t believe we have a statue yet. But I bet when we do have a statue, it will rest on a Nexus 6 as its base because it’s a freaking monster sized phone. Have I mentioned that already? One last bit of Nexus 6 news that we have is that we got a render leaked just one day before it came out. You can check it out and see how close the render was to the real McCoy.

Along with the Nexus 6 we were also introduced us to the Nexus 9, Google’s new 9-inch tablet made by HTC. You can get a look at all the specifications – spoiler alert: they look pretty sweet. This could very well be the first tablet from HTC worth buying in quite some time. It’s all material-designy and everything. Pricing is also included in the update for this post so it’s definitely worth a look.

Once you’ve taken in all that goodness, you can see how the Nexus 9 stacks up to the iPad Air 2 which was also released this week. Joe Levi walks us through his interpretation of Apple versus Google flagship tablets and which he thinks emerges as the winner. Knowing that Joe Levi is the Android Guy leaves little room for doubt as to which one he’ll be buying, but give it a read and decide for yourself which one stacks up better.

galaxy note 4 vs iphone 6 plusAnd finally, rounding out our week, we have a pair of stories that don’t involve either announcement from the week. First, Joe talks to us about how your Android phone can help you sleep better. Well, actually it’s not your Android phone itself, but rather something you can do to your Android phone. I’m not going to spoil it for you but it’s worth a read. Click on over and see if a better night’s sleep is on the horizon for you.

Finally, with the release of the Galaxy Note 4, it’s time for a comparison. This time, the iPhone 6 plus is the Galaxy Note’s competitor. It’s interesting that for the first time these two OEMs can stand toe-to-toe in the phablet category as well as the flagship phone category. How do they fare against each other? You’ll have to watch the video for yourselves, but I will tell you that the two of these seem pretty evenly matched.



Our top videos of the week were comprised of two reviews – the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Then we compared the Note 4 with its predecessor, the Note 3 and we went head to head with the iPhone 6 plus (sponsored by Squarespace). Don’t miss them!

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