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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Note EdgeWell, as the saying goes, you can’t get ahead in life without making enemies. Samsung is no exception to that rule. What’s the other saying? Good artists copy, great artists steal? Not sure which camp Samsung falls into, but another lawsuit against Samsung, this time by NVIDIA could bring Samsung’s sales in the US to a screeching halt. What’s that all about? Click over and see for yourself.

How to root Android LJoe Levi gives us a reality check – Android L, when it does come out, may or may not be coming to your device. Actually, we’ll go so far as to say probably isn’t coming to your device. Google’s track record for releasing updates is pretty predictable at this point – upgrading any device less than 18 months old at the time of release. But what about older devices, and OEM skinned devices? Cross your fingers is the best we can offer you.

iPhone6PlusReg_IMG_2386_780pxWant a good old-fashioned shootout of cameras? Well, Adam Lein has some good news for you. He’s taking a few camera phones and even a mid-range DSLT shooter out into the real world to see just who is shooting best out there. The results are a little surprising – not as black and blue as you might think? “Don’t you mean black and white?” You clearly haven’t read the article yet. It’s a nice day out at the fair so shall we take a stroll?

htc re hands onHTC’s latest device is not a smartphone at all, but a camera. We go hands on with the HTC Re and get some sample photos and videos for your eye candy pleasure. Keeping in mind that our Re is a preproduction unit using pre-production software, the photos are still pretty sweet. I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be holding a device that looks like a detonator in a crowded concert hall, but hey, I’m sure I won’t be tackled from behind by a security guard, so it’ll be fine.

htc desire eye hands onThe HTC Desire Eye might be one of the goofiest phones we’ve seen this year. Or…it could be one of the coolest. The jury is still very much out on this one. There are some gimmicks in there, including an creepy adorable pint-sized Michael Fisher doll. But is a selfie phone what we really need? Is it that hard to just aim your phone backwards?

note-4Ever wonder why the Samsung Galaxy Note line of products is so popular? Well, one reason for sure is the S Pen and all the additional functionality it brings you. It’s a lot of additional functionality. Samsung released a video showing off many of these features to give you an idea of what you’re missing out on. It’s a good watch and it covers a lot, so give it a look.

desire eye hardware 2Another look at the HTC Desire Eye brings us the specifications of this bad boy. And most of them are not too shabby. The specifications on this phone are borderlined flagship level, but again the design leaves a lot to be desired – no pun intended – in my opinion anyway. I’m not so sure have a 13 megapixel shooter on the front of my phone is necessary, but specs like this sure do help make the argument.

xperia-z3-compact-cameraOne of the most important aspects of a smartphone experience is its camera. To that end we are putting Sony’s latest flagship, the Z3 compact, through its photographic paces. All manner of shooting is tested here as one would expect. How does the Z3 compact stand up? I’ll let you go ahead and give it a read and decide for yourself, but it’s not too shabby.

g3-m8-s5Taylor Martin has a little thought piece here about the term “Flagship” and how often it is used (and misused) these days. Flagship, he argues is a pretty darn overused term and he backs it up with some sound reasoning. It’s a really well thought out piece and worth a few minutes of you time to give it a read.

Siri-Google-Now-CortanaFinally, we have definitive proof that Google Now is the best voice assistant out there. Wait, proof? Like what kind of proof? Well, a consulting firm took it upon itself to do a number of voice activated searches and compare the results. Now if that’s not enough to make you cast aside your iPhone and go get a Galaxy phone, I simply don’t know what is. (You can’t see it, but I’m rolling my eyes…) In the meantime, if you want to see what I’m talking about, click over.



Our videos this week spanned from Windows 10 previews to Sony reviews. We also had some hand on time with the aforementioned HTC products. Overall, it was a good week in tech.

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