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note-4-card-edgeSamsung is the latest OEM to have some manufacturing issues. The Galaxy Note 4 has hit the streets in sunny South Korea, and apparently they are having gap issues. No, that doesn’t mean it has threads loose in its polos. These gaps are occurring between the screen and the edge around the screen. The gap is large enough to support a business card which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but on a wet countertop or in the rain, it could be a pretty big deal.

iPhone-6-vs-htc-one-m8-780Some guys just have commitment issues, ya know? First, Jaime is all about the iPhone, then he sees this pretty little HTC thang strolling down the sidewalk and he follows her home like a puppy. Suddenly the iPhone 6 is out and ohhhh look how shiny it is! Just kidding Jaime, we still love you. But Jaime pits his old girl against his new girl – the HTC One M8 and the iPhone 6. See why Jaime came back.

Lumia1020_AdamLeinEdition_2014-09-28-1060Have you ever bought a new phone that was over 1 year old? That’s a good question asked by Adam Lein in his latest piece about the Lumia 1020. Adam was dissatisfied with Windows Phone options on his current carrier so he kicked it old school. I can’t say I disagree at all with his assessment. Does the Nokia flagship stand up to other flagships available today? That’s a question Adam attempts to answer.

iphone 6 review pocketnowThe iPhone 6 is here and it has been reviewed. Good Mr. Fisher takes Apple’s latest flagship out for a spin. What does he think of it? Well, I’ll give you a hint, it ain’t no slouch. But you’ll have to click over to give it a full read. No stone is left unturned. How do you like the latest phone from Cupertino? Give the review a read and sound off in the comments.

Note 4 bendsIt’s always fun when the competition picks up on a flaw. Sure it’s not much fun for the flawed, but even the iPhone fans have to admit that it’s ok to laugh at oneself every now and then. Samsung goes to great lengths to show you just how bendable the Galaxy Note 4 is not. Of course, you can still shove a business card into it, so I’m not really sure this glass house is ripe for stone throwing.

verizon-sign-bigSo it seems Big Red has a soft spot in its heart for Motorola’s upcoming Nexus phone. The Nexus 6 (which probably won’t get that name) is rumored to be coming and this is good news to Verizon fans. The Nexus line of phones has a rough history with the largest carrier in America and the largest carrier that still uses CDMA. So it’s nice to see that these two are kissing and making up.

motorola shamuJoe Levi examines the upcoming Motorola phone, code named “Shamu” and who this 5.9 inch Nexus-probable device is for. He touches on some key points about screen size and carrying around multiple devices. I’m not sure I entirely agree with his line of thought, but his reasoning in sound. Give it a read and sound off in the comments if you agree or disagree.

z3x-xperia-lo-resNormally, we reserve our flagship-a-week jokes for Samsung, but Sony is going to be our target this week. Having just recently released the Xperia Z3, we’re already hearing rumors of an even more powerful Z3X on the horizon. This new phone will have some eye popping specs and looks extremely thin according to the admittedly low res photo. This thing looks like a monster. Can’t wait.

lumia 2520 unboxMicrosoft announced its fledgling preview of Windows 10 earlier in the week. The announcement centered mostly around enterprise and its desktop using customers – you know, the ones it left behind with Windows 8? But there were a few tidbits in there that pertain to mobile, mostly the elements of the modern interface that are going to survive into the next iteration of Windows. Can’t say I love everything Microsoft is doing here, but some of it makes a lot of sense.

nexus-6-wildFinally, we have photos of the next apparent Nexus in the wild, in hand. This thing looks pretty big, which frankly disappoints me. I was holding on to a sliver of hope that the whole 5.9 inch thing was a pipe dream of phablet enthusiasts. I suppose it still might be. But this thing looks massive. Anyway, go ahead and give them a look and see if it blows your skirt up.



This weeks top videos include our iPhone 6 video review, plus a comparison with Samsungs flagship. Michael Fishers chronicles his first week with the iPhone 6. Finally our unboxing of the Sony Xperia Z3. Lots of eye candy await you below.

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