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Samsung is making fun of AppleWhat better way to kick off our week in review with some epic Apple hate? Whoop Whoop! Seriously, Joe Levi checks in with commentary about why Samsung’s commercials are so well liked/hated depending on who you are. Personally, I’m more on the like side, but that’s me. Joe’s got a few examples of the commercials right there in the post, so give ’em a look and see what side of the fence you’re staying on.

iphone 6 vs windows phoneNext up, we have a video from Michael Fisher showing his perspective of iOS 8 from a Windows Phone fan standpoint. It’s an interesting comparison of two operating systems that are very similar, yet so fundamentally different from each other. Which does Michael prefer you might be wondering? Well, wonder no more and click on over to give it a read.

bent-iphone-6-plus#BendGate 2014. So it turns out if you make a super thin, big phone, it’s might bend. Our poll asks the question, should these phones be bending? Are we being realistic? You’re welcome to go ahead and vote for yourself. Plus you’ll be able to debate the topic tomorrow! (Spoiler alert). Personally, I think Apple likely tested the bejesus out of this thing and it should hold up to reasonable use. But then again, one man’s reasonable, is another man’s crazy.

iphone 6 vs galaxy s5Next up, we have an epic battle of the two flagships from the two biggest names in the smartphone space – the Samsung GS5 and the iPhone 6. Well, clearly the iPhone is better because the number is higher right? Well, you’ll just have to check out the video and see. Let’s just day that the choice between the two is probably not very cut and dried, unless you happen to be a fan of one platform over the other, in which case…nevermind.

ios-8-hands-onThis week, we tried a little experiment with the Weekend Debate by stretching it out into two editorials during the week. I know. Crazy right? This was part two of the debate in which we talk about some reasons why you should not jump over to iOS despite the bigger screens. There’s some compelling stuff here, and I encourage you to read both pieces and then add your comment to the debate.

third-party-keyboard-iosApple has finally made iOS more of an open platform than ever before. By allowing third party developers to really control some aspects of the user experience, Apple is shaking off some of the cobwebs of its walled garden image. But is this a smooth transition? As it turns out, not so much as Taylor Martin walks us through some of the benefits and not-so-beneficial results of this new “open” attitude.

iphone-6-plus-cameraTaylor takes his brand spanking new iPhone 6 Plus out for a photo and video capturing spin. Find out what this brand new optically stabilized camera can do when out in the real world. Plus watch a funny puppy video. It’s like a win-win. The camera seems awfully nice though, not to spoil it for you or anything. Give it a look and see if you can get behind that shooter.

iPhone_one-handedIs Apple’s reachability feature an innovative move that allows people to have their cake and eat it too? Or does it just show off the fact that a big iPhone is a big mistake? Adam Lein takes on this question as he discusses UI design and what works and what doesn’t. It’s a critical view, spoiler alert, but he raises some good points. Are big screens a great idea or are they just so much wasted real estate? Sound off and let us know how you feel about it.

iphone-6-plus-size-comparisonOf course one of the biggest questions (no pun intended) asked when the iPhone 6 Plus was released is just how big is it? Taylor Martin asks and answers that question with the competition, plus a few other random household items. The result is a fascinating look at both the dimensions of this iOS toting monster, but also at some of the items Taylor actually had lying around the house.

iphone-6-plus-stock-tldrFinally, Taylor rounds us out with a quick poll – do you think Apple should have waited to release the iPhone 6 Plus? There are good reasons on either side, and we leave it to the poll to ultimately answer the question. Did Apple underestimate demand? Would it have been un-Apple-like? Sound off in the poll and comments and make your opinion heard.


Our videos this week are pretty much all iPhone, because that’s just what time of year it is, so let’s get right to it shall we? We have unboxings, reviews, first impressions and comparisons in that order – everything to sate that iPhone craving you all (seem to) have.

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