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new-nexus-7-review-10What do you get when you cross a company that Google used to own making a phone that Google will own and toss in a little trademark law? Why you get the Motorola Nexus X, that’s what you get! We have reports pointing to a late October release of Googlerola’s next Nexus device, though details on the screen size are a little on the hazy side. Personally, I hope it’s not in the phablet category, but that just probably means it will be.

iPhone-6-vs-iphone-5Another week, another iPhone 6 rumor. This time, we get a thousand words, or a “picture” as it’s sometimes called. This photo shows an iPhone 6 spooning an iPhone 5 to give us an idea of the size difference. I suppose the bigger size is fine, but I’m just hoping that the pictured iPhone 6 is not a finished model because it kind of looks like poop on a stick to me. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

windows phone 8.1 ask us anythingWindows Phone 8.1 is still fresh on its new legs and flopping around like Bambi on an ice pond, but we’re already setting our sights higher on Windows Phone 9. Rumors of the next generation of desktop/tablet OS have gotten us to thinking about Tiles and some such, so Taylor Martin did a roundup of the Pocketnow folk and wrote up a comprehensive piece that tells you where we’re all at. See if you agree.

note-4-promo-vidIf there is one thing that Samsung knows how to do very well, it’s spend a ton of money on advertising. Our next piece of the week is all about some of those dollars and how they pertain to the upcoming Note 4. Word smith Stephen is a little on the critical side of this latest round of videos, and I can’t say I blame him. Go ahead and give it a watch and see what you think about the latest. Money well spent on money spent down a well?

Nokia-Lumia-830-concept-ItalianTaylor returns with a speculative piece about what Microsoft might have to say at the upcoming IFA conference. With a headline that’s a bit on the confusing side, Taylor wonders, “What if Microsoft could offer a ho-hum phone with a superior camera for a rock-bottom price?” It’s an interesting thought, and one that would have me reaching for my wallet in a hurry. See what you think and sound off in the comments.

iphone-6-renderSo what’s more interesting than a photo of a new iPhone? A render on a new iPhone on the instruction manual. I wish I was kidding. There are some doubts surrounding this render. It seems to reveal the release date and/or announcement date of the new iPhone, but I find something else much more interesting. On this render of the new phone is a diagram showing where everything is – the volume up and down buttons, the power button, etc. But there is no headphone jack. In all fairness, a commenter pointed this out too. If this is real, holy @#$%. If it’s not, the devil’s in the details I suppose.

wd_moto-x-vs-galaxy-s-4You know what we here at Pocketnow like to do over the weekend? I mean beside drinking, boating, and geocaching? We like to debate, and this last weekend was no exception. We delved into the depths of the smartphone buying experience by looking at what was more important in a smartphone – specs or ‘xperience. Boy, that sounded a lot better in my head. Which is better, the most powerful smartphone you can wrap your digits around, or is a great experience the trump card? Sound off in the comments and let the debate continue!

ThisSucks_WP_20140806_09_10_01Adam Lein makes an appearance this week in the Week in Review by pointing out eight different ways you know your mobile app sucks. Trust me, this is more than the click bait it sounds like. Adam really gets into the depths of the user experience and digs up things that just, well, suck about a lot of smartphone apps. There’s a lot of thought and insight into this one, so it’s well worth your time to read. What do you think sucks about smartphone apps?

galaxy note 4 teaser videoWith IFA right around the corner, Samsung is not pulling any advertising punches. This next video spot shows how Samsung Note phones were the first to bring Wacom styli to the line and then hints that perhaps the next big thing is coming. Did I just say that out loud? Anyway, the video doesn’t say too much about the phone itself, more just fist pumping form the last three successful launches. Rah Rah, sis-boom-bah type stuff.

htc one m8 for windows review headerFinally, our review of the HTC One M8 for Windows has hit the feeds. HTC’s flagship phone – arguably the most gorgeous phone released this year – now comes in the Windows Phone flavor. The two phones are identical in almost every respect, but the engine that makes them go couldn’t get more different. Michael Fisher takes us on a tour of the Windows Phone (dare I say “flagship”?) device and shows us what’s hot and what’s not about HTC’s latest offering.



Speaking of the HTC One M8 for Windows, Michael Fisher’s video review of the newest Windows Phone 8.1.1 device to hit the streets. Taylor Martin takes iOS’s Safari up against Android’s Chrome in a head-to-head match. Then he tells us why he bought the Sony Xperia Z Ultra a year after hating it. Finally, keeping the head-to head vibe going, Michael Fisher pits Verizon’s latest Windows Phone against it’s more “iconic” flagship. See what I did there?

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