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This week we had rumors, hands on, a fire, and one out of two wet editors. Plenty of team left to go though…

"Nope."Battery life is a concern for us all. But rarely do we get an accurate picture of how an operating system performs against a rival since inevitably, the hardware is always different. Not so the case with the new HTC One M8 for Windows. The One M8 is virtually the same whether you’re rocking widgets or tiles. So which one is better? Well, I’ll let you go ahead and click on through to read it for yourself, but let’s just say that while I’m not surprised by the results, the margin by which one is better is pretty astounding.

sharp aquos crystalOne of the more remarkable pieces of news to come across our desk this week comes from the Sharp Aquos Crystal smartphone, being offered by Sprint. The specifications on this phone are ho-hum at best, but where the device really stands out is just how beautifully designed this phone is and it’s almost non existent bezel. The story contains some hands on time and pricing which is also pretty…remarkable. Give it a look.

iphone_6_display_microscope-780So, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Wow! No iPhone rumors this week?” NO! Of course not. We can’t let seven whole days pass without speculating about a phone that doesn’t exist yet! What’s wrong with you? This week we’re putting the iPhone rumors under the microscope…literally. Two conflicting reports both claim to have literally put prototype iPhones under a microscope to see what the resolution of the phones will me. I am, as always, speechless.

samsung logo 7I see your iPhone rumor and raise you a Samsung rumor. This time we have possible benchmark tests from a possible Samsung Galaxy Note 4. We have talked in the past about how benchmark scores are generally not helpful for actually determining how powerful a phone or tablet is, especially when some manufacturers artificially inflate those scores. But giving the Note 4 the benefit of the doubt, we realize that it’s going to be a very powerful phone, which is of course what we were expecting anyway.

droid-ultraMotorola’s event in just a couple of weeks promises strongly implies that a new Motorola X phone will be shown. Now sources claim an even more powerful Motorola device may be in the works. This of course makes sense – it’s not like when you’re an OEM to build a device and then you’re done. It’s an ongoing affair. This one looks pretty sweet on the spec sheet though, which is a little out of character from Moto’s recent offerings.

metal-phones-are-not-better“Gosh, if only that phone was made of metal.” You’ve all said it, either out loud or to yourself. Why are all these stupid phones made out of stupid plastic? They’re just a bunch of stupid stupids. But wait! Taylor Martin arrives to upset this particular apple cart. Metal ain’t necessarily all that. Plastic ain’t necessarily all garbage. It’s all about how you present it. The arguments, much like the plastic phones therein, are compelling.

a7-5s-motherboardIf one is indeed the loneliest number, then the iPhone 6 is destined to be a sad, sad little phone. This latest musing suggests that not everything on the iPhone 6 will be an upgrade. iOS 8, sure. Bigger screen? You betcha. More RAM? Well…It’s looking like in an age where 2 and even 3 GB of RAM are becoming standard on even mid-range devices, the iPhone is sticking to just a single solitary gig. Good luck with that.

oneplus one review titleWho doesn’t love a good contest? Pocketnow has been having a bunch of them this summer but this one comes to you from dbrand Skins. You’ve heard of back to school promotions? Well this is a back to work promotion. The full details are in the writeup and the included NSFW video, but suffice it to say, it got me thinking, and hopefully it’ll get you thinking as well. A OnePlus One and $1,000 Canadian dollars are on the line. Pretty sure nudity is not acceptable in this contest either.

iPhone5Red flesh cloud’s choking out the morning sky
They said it’d never come, we knew it was a lie
Ok, so maybe it’s not as apocalyptic as all that but it sure made for an interesting time on the tarmac of a Tel Aviv airport. Apparently, no one told a woman’s handbag that they no longer allowed smoking on airplanes, so it went ahead a lit up courtesy of a malfunctioning iPhone. It’ll take more than a patch or some gum to solve this problem. At the very least a new phone and new bag and some recovered dignity.

att-note-3-review-11Oh you silly old silly Samsung. Samsung is going to give back to the American people, but not voluntarily. Samsung made a sweet deal to sell a boat load of phones to the US government. The US government found out from a former Samsung employee that yeah-oh-by-the-way, some of those parts are made in China. ORLY Samsung? Pay up. Samsung is paying.


This week in video, you can find out how the flagship from Xiaomi faces off with the HTC One M8. Michael Fisher follows up by scratching the virtually unscratchable. What’s a week without an unboxing? This week is the HTC One M8 for Windows. Finally, we have some hands on impressions of a stylish, bezel-missing midranger.

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