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This week of news spans the galaxy. Get it? Yeah. There more of that down below.

note-4-gsm-1Leading off this week, we have some leaked imagery of the Samsung Galaxy Note. These images include the front and back of the device and the packaging as well. Our news staff doesn’t seems overly convinced that these photos are real, but we’ll let you decide for yourself. Personally, I think even if these aren’t images of the phablet, they’re probably pretty close. Then again, images of the Galaxy Note II would be pretty close too. This is Samsung after all.

iphone6-2-900-90If you have been following these Week in Review features, you are probably well aware of my personal opinion regarding iPhone rumors. Nothing bores me more than images of what may or may not be the next phone to fly off the shelves and yadda yadda. Well, I’m turning over a new leaf. No more will I sarcastically chastise our readers for being interested in these leaks. And this week’s is…the iPhone’s box? Oh for Pete’s sake. Nevermind. Here’s you box. Go look at it. It’s shiny.. Sheesh.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha frontAfter weeks of rumor and speculation, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha finally launched. There’s a halfway decent spec sheet that goes along with it. An octa-core SoC, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and 12MP camera are the highlights. I’m not really sure what this is supposed to be “alpha” of, but it’s definitely not number one on my list. More like number two. Oh snap.

nexus5hardware1The speculation machine keeps on churning, and this time it is churning out a Motorola built Nexus 6. The next Nexus (say that five times real fast) might be a bit smaller than initially thought and will come with some pretty top of the line specifications, not unlike it’s older brother the Nexus 5. Of course, that is by today’s standards. By the time it’s actually released, who knows how it’ll measure up. Time will tell, but for now, give it a look.

att-note-3-review-3In case you didn’t get enough Galaxy Note 4 hotness up above, a retailer in India posted a product order page with a whole cornucopia of specifications for Samsung’s newest Goliath. The most interesting number in the news story is “four” but not referring to the product name. To find our four of what, you’ll need to go ahead and click through to the story. There’s also a mention of the wrap around screen from last week, so it’s like a bonus. Give it a look.

note-4-panelYou know how when one mommy Samsung rumor and one daddy Samsung rumor really love each other they get together and make little baby Samsung rumors? Well, that didn’t happen this time. This time it’s more like mommy Samsung rumor kicked daddy Samsung rumor in the capacitive buttons and stormed out. Or something like that. You know how sometimes analogies take on a life of their own? Here’s another Samsung rumor while you think about that.

windows phone 8.1 ask us anythingWindows Phone was not to be left behind this week, despite other reports to the contrary.  Rather, we brought you some of the more fun things you can do with your Windows Phone 8.1 OS. We dug deep inside the recently officially released operating system to make your phone a lot more useful and a lot more fun to play with, not that it wasn’t fun before. But now it’s even more fun. Check it out and add your own pro-tips.

Nokia-Lumia-830-concept-ItalianNow that you know about all these fun things to do with Windows Phone 8.1, let’s talk about some hardware shall we? A round of rumors points to a trifecta of new Lumia 830 models hitting the scene at IFA, perhaps along with Microsoft’s selfie-phone and maybe even a Lumia 1020 upgrade. That’s a whole lotta hardware to drop at one event, but I know I’d be pretty amped to see all of this drop. What do you think?

android-gardenWhat fueled the speculation we saw above about the Nexus 6? Why none other than this rumor here. This was basically the genesis of the rumor you saw above. I’m always fascinated about how things begin and end, so this news post is pretty interesting from an anthropological standpoint. So give it a look and see the miracle of birth…of a rumor.

iphone6-camFinally, we have…another iPhone 6 rumor. Woo-hoo. This one seemingly shows off the backplate of the phone, in stunning detail. It’s such a great photo it’s almost like you can hold it. Actually you can hold it in a few weeks. Anyway… This phone seems to have been given the Brandon Miniman treatment, which makes me question its durability. And if I’m questioning durability, you can bet Tim Cook would be questioning durability, so just how true this rumor is remains to be seen.



Videos this week were pretty much Android dominant. First up, we have our video review of the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. Want to see what it’s like when we pit two basically-the-same phones head to head? Finally, our last two videos have us unboxing the Xiaomi Mi4 and pitting against the LG G3. You know you wanna see ’em. Go! Go! Go!

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