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Look for the Pocketnow Week in Review every Saturday morning. It contains the most popular ten stories of the week printed on the portal, as well as top videos from our YouTube channel. Additionally, you can also find our Pocketnow Daily Recap video here (if any), for your convenience, and viewing pleasure.



A cautionary talescreen protector begins our outline of the latest and greatest Pocketnow literary masterpieces. In a piece expounding on the virtues of screen protectors, Joe Levi asks a very simple question. If our phones are so scratch resistant, why do they ship with a screen protector on them? This and more is answered in our first piece of the review. Click on over for more Utah wisdom.

lg-g3-review-rebuttal-1Next up, comes a masterfully written history of the smartphone. How far back do you think they go? Spoiler alert: it’s even further than you think. Taylor delves into the historical archives for the very first smartphones and walks us through a timeline of devices that reaches back to the time of the bell bottom. No kidding. This is worth your precious weekend time, readers.

galaxy k zoom cameraAnton D. Nagy, our fearless leader is up next to show you just what the latest and greatest Samsung camera/smartphone can do. The Galaxy K Zoom is put through its paces, testing out the 20.7 MP sensor and, more importantly 10X optical zoom. This is on a smartphone by the way. An impressive array of images waits you on the other side of your mouse button, so do what it’s meant to do and click.

WD_ Nokia_X_leaderAnother weekend, another debate! This time we examine whether or not Microsoft was right to abandon the Nokia X…ok, we’ll call it a “project”. Of course, by “abandon” we mean “beat with baseball bats and bury in a cornfield in Indiana-Joe Pesci style”. There are compelling arguments both ways. The issue is not as cut an dried as one might think, so head on over and give it a read, then put in your two cents. That is, after all, what the weekend debate is all about.

z-launcher-hand-2Speaking of Nokia and Android, our next piece of news relates to Nokia’s Z launcher. This interesting take on Android has a few added features, a few added devices, and a few added users. You can click through for all the details, but it’s a pretty neat step forward for the post-Microsoft Nokia which is again dipping its toe into the previously forbidden Android waters.

Siri-Google-Now-CortanaIf there is anything Microsoft loves to do, it’s make Siri praise its own devices in commercials. If my TV is to believed, Siri just loves her some Microsoft. This time Cortana is taking on Apple’s digital assistant and of course making Siri all jealous of all the things she can’t do. It’s cheeky fun poked at Apple which is more than we can say for some other rival’s commercials. Give it a look.

KZoomVsPureViewWe can’t have a smartphone camera with a 10X optical zoom and not compare it to the Lumia 1020’s 41 megapixel monster. That would just be uncivilized. So that’s just want Anton D. Nagy did. In case you didn’t get enough of his handsome mug in the original K Zoom test drive, Anton is back with 100% more selfies. There’s also a bit of dichotomy in the photos. See if you can spot what our clever Editor in Chief did.

onewatch-screenWhat better way to follow up a flagship killer than with a smartwatch killer? That seems to be what OnePlus is looking to do as design sketches have leaked showing off what may be a new device from the company. What? They’ve sold so many smartphones they need to expand? Anyway, this falls somewhere in between “cocktail napkin sketch” and credible rumor, so I’ll let you click on over and decide for yourself. Personally, I think the company would be better served making more actual smartphones.

wp81-update-1Windows Phone is back and it’s back with a vengeance as Windows Phone 8.1 features became clear to the masses in an official release blog post from Microsoft. On the docket are not only new features, but new regions for Cortana domination as several new markets will be conversing with Halo girl in the not too distant future. There’s a lot in there so go ahead and click on over and see what this way cometh.

Battery experimentAnd finally, for our top text pieces of the week, we have the return of Tony. Anton spent a week on vacation with two phones, one backup battery and no wall plugs. How did Tony’s grand experiment play out? You’ll have to click on over to the post to see. Plus, this being a vacation piece, you get yet more Anton in photographs! This week, we have seen a whole lot of our Editor in Chief, and personally, I think more weeks should be like that.



This week’s top videos was all Android all the time. But we don’t judge, and neither should you. First up, Michael Fisher gives us the complete tour of HTC’s lower budget One E8 smartphone in all its glossy glory. After that, Taylor and Michael show us three fun things to do with their respective phones – the LG G3 and the Amazon Fire Phone, in that order. Go ahead and give them a watch and we’ll see you next weekend!

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