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Week 27 news recap


For the United States, it was a holiday-shortened week of explosions. For the rest of the world, it was just another week and that’s ok too. Here’s what was big in the annals of Pocketnow, this 27th week of 2014.

htc-grilleStarting off our week, our most popular story was equally one of our more unbelievable stories. Tipster extraordinaire @evleaks had a huge one for us – an HTC tablet with 5 GB of RAM. That’s right. Look at your hand. That’s one GB per finger for most of us, or it’s .8 GB per finger if you’re Antonio Alfonseca. The rest of you can do the math. As it turns out, this exciting and unbelievable post was exactly that – not to be believed. Sure it was a bad day for Evan, but not as bad as this guy’s day.

iPhone 6Jaime Rivera brings us a fresh crop of iPhone 6 rumors because, well heck because someone in the world is still breathing so there have to be iPhone rumors, right? These newest rumors point to a pretty big departure from standard iPhone design. I’ll let you go ahead and read the rumors, but I’ll tell you this much – something glowing this way comes. Glowing? Yes glowing. Sure there’s some other stuff too, but glowing is by far the most intriguing.

android-l-vs-ios-8Taylor Martin taps the keys outlining the five biggest things that Android L could learn from iOS 8. Android L, if you’ve been under a rock or something, is Google’s latest refresh to its Android operating system and despite some significant improvements, there is still room to grow in Taylor’s humble opinion and it’s all laid out for you here in nice big friendly letters. Give it a read and see if you agree.

05android-l2Since we didn’t criticize Android L enough in our last piece, Taylor returns to tell us about three more things that Android L failed to address. This wasn’t based off the performance of any other operating system, just based on the merits or lack thereof of Android L itself. There are a few holes left over in this Material Design and Taylor wraps them all up for you in a nice pretty little package.

note-3-gs5-mwcSamsung sent out an update to its Note 3 that gives it a few of the Galaxy S5’s more popular features. The first is KNOX 2.0, Samsung’s suite of security software, meant to keep your privates private. I mean… well, you know what I mean. The second is Samsung’s download booster which allows you to take advantage of LTE connectivity to stream the living heck out of Netflix. Yeah buddy.

A new hope risesNexus 4, Nexus 5 for Nexus 4 and first generation Nexus 7 owners. Some evidence suggests that these devices may in fact see some Android L love. It’s not a lot of evidence, but enough to keep folks optimistic. Ther’se some geeky stuff involved here – files and servers and some such. Click on over and read the story – it lays out things better than I could, but since I have a Nexus 7, I’m going to go ahead and get some “Welcome Android L” banners printed. I’ll store them next to my “Congratulations Chicago Cubs, World Series Champs” banners. It’s gonna happen.

htc-designSpeaking of Android L updates, HTC is jumping on the Android L train and a leaked road map suggests what and when. Spoiler Alert: It’s “a bunch” and “soon”. Even more specifically, it looks like every HTC phone released in 2013 and 2014 will most likely be an Android L-toting machine by the end of December. This is good news for you HTC One M7 owners along with the other few dozen of you who bought other HTC phones last year. Woo-hoo!

iPhone-creditAre you sick of that old iPhone 5 and just need to get rid of it? Well then just head on over to Apple’s recycle website and they’ll give you really real money for it. Sadly according to this next piece of news, you’ll be getting about 17% less cashola from the bitten fruit as the trade-in value for the iPhone 5 just dropped. I often wondered what happened to traded in iPhone 5s. Maybe they get dipped into a new cady shell and get sold as refurbished 5cs?

Good newssony-back-20 for fans of “mini phones that don’t suck” a.k.a. mini phones made by Sony. A leaked screenshot of the Xperia Z3 Compact shows us some goodies. Included in the screenshot is the device’s specifications, Android build, and all sorts of other goodness. Click through to read the story. One screenshot looks like a redacted CIA document, but there are some good solid details in there.

shen ye android l keyboardFinally, rounding out our text pieces comes a part of Android L’s Material Design that is available now. Android L’s stock keyboard is now available as an app that can be downloaded from the Google play store. There are a few steps after that to enable the keyboard, so click through for the full details, but this is great news for those of you who just have to have a keyboard with no lines separating keys. I’ll still be using a 3rd party solution myself.



On the video side, we had just a similarly action packed week. First up, Joe Levi walks us through the key differences between Android L and its predecessor, KitKat. Jaime Rivera hosts episode 36 of our popular “After the Buzz” series with the HTC One M8 and gives his opinion on whether or not this beautifully crafted piece of tech is still holding up after a quarter of a year. Next up is the rumble in the jungle between Android L and iOS 8’s respective developer previews. Finally Michael Fisher asks us to keep calm and carry on, and specifically not to stress out over the “New GS5 LTE-A” because it ain’t all that much better. Click the videos below for some fun.

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