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Week 26 news recap


Boy, it’s too bad nothing happened this week. Thanks for stopping by, try again next week!

01android-l-material-designJust kidding. Our news coverage this “all Google, all the time” week started off with prospective times, dates, and devices that would see the Developer Preview of Android L. Turns out if you have a Nexus 5 or 2013 WiFi Nexus 7, you can go ahead and download the ROM, whether or not your screen had been smashed in a park in St. Louis. The speculative piece gave the link to the place where you could download the preview, and just for giggles, here it is again.

02top-Android-iOS-appsNext up, Taylor Martin walks us through a number of the improvements/changes of Android L and draws the conclusion that Apple and Google have a lot in common this year. Both made significant improvements not just to their respective mobile operating systems, but to each individual company’s ecosystem as well, making them both solid players in the “Internet of things” space. Plus both operating systems got a little prettier, so it’s an overall win for both platforms, and about 95ish percent of smartphone users worldwide.

03nexus-7-2013-android-lNext up we have a veritable cornucopia of screenshots from the Android L Developer Preview. If you’re itching to see what Android L is like, and you forgot to take your phone out of your pocket at a park in St. Louis, we’ve got all the images you could possibly imagine, right here on our site. Go ahead and give those beauties a look, but bring a wash cloth. The drool is very unbecoming.

04Balogh-iwatchNext up, a tipster rang in early in the week and told us about two versions of the iWatch (or whatever it will be called) that are being tested by Apple. They’re not just being tested by Apple, but also by Kobe Bryant, Dustin Brown, and Bubba Watson of the NBA, NHL, and PGA respectively. Tired of acronyms? Me too. These two models of the iWatch are reportedly labeled “Sport” and “Designer” — they should both be something to see when, and of course if, they come out.

05android-l2Were those screenshots above enough to sate your appetite for Android L? No? Well, I’ve got good news for you. Joe Levi brings us our next item of the week with a full video tour of Android L, its features, its wants, its dreams. Go ahead and click on the link to get the full rundown of Android’s newest OS update. It’s hot, it’s heavy, and it’s every bit as awesome as you’d expect coming from Joe the Android Guy.

06htc-google-nexus-8-9-volantisNext up this week we have news on the Google hardware front, and it’s a bit confusing. HTC is reportedly working on a Nexus 9 tablet, which was not announced at Google I/O. This piles on top of the rumors of the Google Nexus 6 phone, and Nexus 8 tablet. Well, at least they’re not calling it the “One” since everyone else seems to be these days. These rumors include a good bit about pricing and specifications, so there might be some more meat here that your typical rumor churn.

07android-lGotten enough Android L yet? No? Excellent. Our news piece announcing the Android L developer preview is next on our docket. This piece gives you the rundown of just about everything you’ll see in the preview – new features, new layouts, and new looks. If screenshots aren’t your thing, and you haven’t watched a video since BetaMax went kaput, here’s some lovely word-porn for you.

08death-of-oem-skinsJoe Levi returns with a speculative piece wondering whether Android L will result in the death of OEM Android skins. It’s an interesting puzzle putting together recent history with current events and drawing the conclusions that if OEMs take a step back and go with more of a stock look and feel for their devices, then more time and resources could be spent on other differentiating factors, like apps and services. It’s a brave new world, Bernard.

09android-l1Taylor Martin returns to break down the top five reasons he’s excited about Android L. I’ll let you read the piece to get the full gist of it, but suffice it to say, he covers the spectrum – look and feel, baked in features, enhancements, and all the toppings, including crushed chocolate chips. So click on over to Taylor’s yummy feast of features that he looks forward to, just as you should.

10moto-137Finally, we have a maybe, probably not, but maybe leaked picture of the upcoming (probably) Moto X+1. This render features the phone in a case with a camera lens the size of a futbol pitch, no flash, and a few pinholes where something should be. The leak does come from @evleaks, so there’s a ton of credibility and track record behind this bad boy. You’ll have to click on over and see for yourself.



Now, if you’re sick of the Google love-fest that went on this week, well, I’ve got some bad news for you.  That’s right, our first video is all about what’s new in Android L. Joe Levi walks us through the developer preview and shows us what’s what. Then, an epic clash of the titans occurs between flagship smartphones – the GS5 vs. the LG G3. Taylor Martin joins us to bring us three more great productivity apps for Android, a followup on his January video on the same topic. More apps? No problem! Taylor is back with a comparison between Snapchat, and Facebook Snapchat, er I mean Slingshot.

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