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Week 25 news recap


It’s been a week of ‘what?!?’ on the Pocketnow news feeds. Phones with 3D-ish, a former OEM flaunting a secret-ish love of Android and a big-ish iPhone. So let’s dive in, shall we?


Just yesterday, we exclusively outed details on Apple’s upcoming iWatch. Yes, this is a thing! The watch will work as an iPod as well as a timepiece, so you can finally ditch that iPod Nano (sixth generation, of course). We also explain how there are two iWatch models being tested out — and who better to test these than everyone’s favorite sports stars? Basketball, golf, and hockey legends are apparently testing these out, some with one model and others with another. What’s the difference between the two? You’re going to have to head somewhere to find out.

zNext up, comes a new Android launcher from Nokia? What? Yes, Nokia. Nokia unveiled its Z Launcher to the world, bringing what could potentially be the smartest launcher yet. Michael Fisher gives us our first look at this launcher on the LG G3 and walks us through a feature tour. One note that we found funny was Michael sporting a very appropriate t-shirt while demonstrating a Grafiti-like feature we’ll talk about later in this recap. What t-shirt? You know what to do to find out.

iphone-6-5.5-jimmy-1Famous Taiwanese actor Jimmy Lin tops our next story, not because he’s famous nor because he’s Taiwanese, though those are both pretty sweet. Rather it’s because he may have just leaked a gigantic (by some standards) iPhone in a photo of him repairing an iPhone 5S. This is of course the latest of many leaks that suggests Apple might be machete-cutting its way into phablet territory and adds more fuel to the blaze of Apple rumors that will undoubtedly rage until September. At which point a new fire will be set.

nexus-5-androidStill pretty excited about that Android 4.4.3 build you’re rocking on your Android-powered handset of choice that statistics say probably has a “Motorola” or “Nexus” sticker on it? Well guess what? You’re officially outdated, son. Android 4.4.4 has made it’s way out. While still not being pushed as an OTA update, several factory builds can be downloaded for various Nexuses (Nexi? Nexamillian?) and installed with a cable. For those not familiar with cables, those are those rope things you used to connect a device to a computer in the days before the cloud. For those of you not familiar with computers… well, you’ll figure it out.

LG G3 review titleRemember last week when about 25% of our weekly recap was LG G3 this and LG G3 that? Well, guess what? Boo-yah! Our official full review has landed. Michael Fisher gives the LG G3 the full daily driver experience and the results are in. Did he love it? Hate it? Break it? Marry it? Well, I guess you’ll just have to click the button and see. No spoilers here. It’s verbose, but worth it. Some sweet-shot videos too as only Pocketnow can do.

amazon-phoneAmazon has just broken into the smartphone game with its all-new Fire Phone. This device sports 4.7-inch HD display, a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800, and has 2GB of RAM. There’s a 13MP main camera on the back, but it’s what is up front that makes this phone worth looking at – literally. Four front-facing cameras are used for head tracking which gives your phone a 3D-like, parallax-like effect. It actually goes way beyond that so hit up the post to get the full dose. Add to that the ability to point the phone’s camera and literally buy almost anything, and the features of this device are rounded out.

z-launcher-hand-2This is the launcher so nice, we featured it twice. Our official news post about Nokia’s Z Launcher gives a bit more detail about the software itself. This early beta features a learning concept that tries to position apps you frequently use when you frequently use them on the home screen. Of course time will tell if this pans out, but the concept that piqued our interest was the aforementioned Grafiti-like gesture control that allows you to launch an app by tracing a few letters.

galaxys5vsiconJaime Rivera brings us news from the exotic far east about just why Microsoft is so happy about Android’s success. It’s common knowledge that Microsoft holds a large number of patents pertaining to technologies used by Android smartphones. Well, now that super-secret list is not so super-secret if you happen to speak Chinese? What? Yes. Hit up the news story to get the full picture, but it’s nice to get a peek at the wizard behind the curtain every now and then.

apple iphone 6 qhd display leak image“In the midnight hour, she cries more, more, more.” I knew that, but I didn’t expect her to be crying for Jimmy Lin. That’s right, he’s back and he heads up our news story that suggests that an iPhone 6 (but we’re not sure if it’s just one, which one, or both) just might have a QHD display just like the other echo in the room this week – the LG G3. I swear this is not a broken record. You can hit up the news piece to get all the juice from this fruity story. Get it? Apple? Fruity? OK. I’m sorry.

galaxy s5 lte-a samsung redThe fact that Samsung released another device is not news. It’s actually more news if a week goes by where it doesn’t. But the news this week is not good news if you have already bought a Samsung GS5, or if you live outside of South Korea, or both. Samsung released a new version of the GS5 which now sports upgraded specs, but is only available in South Korea. You can read all the details in the piece, and you can read my reaction to the news here.

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one-m8-vs-lg-g3Taylor Martin reappears to bring us the latest head-to-head competition with the HTC One M8 versus the LG G3. He takes an in-depth view of both of these Android-rocking flagships in a steel cage match to the death! Well, ok, not really to the death, but which phone wins with what? Taylor breaks it all down for you, so hit up some linkage and watch your favorite editor from Super-Carolina.

uncarrier 6 imageFinally, T-Mobile shocked us all this week by unveiling not one, but two new additions to its Uncarrier portfolio. As part of Uncarrier 5.0, you’ll get an iPhone 5s FREE to use for a full week. “But Adam, there’s a catch, right?” Well, not really, but there is some fine print — click through to get all the details. With Uncarrier 6.0, dubbed “Music Freedom” (‘Murica!), a bunch of hot music streaming services have been whitelisted by the carrier so streaming music through them won’t cost you a thing. Even if you cross your data allotment, they won’t slow your tunes down.



We couldn’t very well start off the video portion of our week in review without mentioning our new format for our award-winning Pocketnow Weekly. “But Adam. That’s an audio podcast!” Well, about that

Our videos this week had all the visual lovelies you might expect from Pocketnow. Michael Fisher starts us off with his full video review of the LG G3. What’s to like? What’s to hate? Taylor Martin compares the two heaviest hitting Android phones that aren’t built by Samsung in our second video. Wanna see which knocks our socks off more? Clickey click. If you find yourself in possession of a Surface Pro 3 but find the lack of apps disturbing, Taylor Martin returns to help you make up for that deficiency. Finally a Pocketnow Daily rounds out our week in review with a summation of the iPhone leaks, Amazon Fire Phone, and much more. That was our week. Kinda crazy, huh? How was yours?


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