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Week 24 news recap



sprint t-mobile merger

America’s carrier situation might be getting a little easier to follow, as T-Mobile and Sprint look to be making some sweet, sweet love which would give birth to SoftBank USA. The new carrier will likely be neither soft, nor a bank, but rather the third largest carrier in the United States. Some financial details plus two updates to the piece await your hungry eyeballs.

SurfacePro3__DSC5793Next up, Taylor Martin aims to use the Surface Pro 3 exclusively for one full week and falls drastically short of the mark. A power issue reported by Microsoft is largely to blame, but not the sole culprit. Taylor finds the Windows 8.1 interface to be clunky and its dual mode nature to be “disjointed”. It seems fantastic hardware alone cannot keep Taylor’s professional output sated, which in our opinion is sad.

lgg3 camera titleAre you ready for a flagship camera extravaganza? If so, Michael Fisher has some eye candy for you as he takes the exciting lens of the LG G3 for a test drive around the greater Boston area. True performance can’t be measured until our full review hits the presses (Update: It landed yesterday!), but in the meantime, there are some great, and not so great photos awaiting you in this comprehensive look at the camera on LG’s latest flagship.

iphone-5-mysteryNext up, Taylor returns to tell you why 2014 is exactly the year to switch to iOS. If you’ve ever been curious, or you have left the platform and are kicking the tires on coming back, iOS 8 and hardware rumors give you plenty of reasons to pull the trigger – as long as they all pan out. iOS 8 is arguably the most exciting platform update in literally years, and more importantly could indicate a somewhat drastic shift in Apple’s SOPs going forward. It’s a pretty exciting time to be an iOS fan.

keyboard lagRecently, Michael Fisher asked the question “Why do some software keyboards suck?” and Joe Levi steps up to answer him. Long story short, it’s a combination of CPU usage and software tweaks, and some other magic juice that can cause or not cause lag in your keyboard. If you’ve found yourself frustrated with your keyboard, which seems to be buggy or laggy or both, Joe has some fixes for you to try — give it a click and a read, eh?

ipad split-screen multitasking ios 8Have you ever picked up your Windows tablet, swiped up two side-by-side apps, and thought to yourself, “Gosh, if only I could do this on my iPad“? Well, we’ve got good news for you. While this feature didn’t make it into the WWDC announcement, one developer dug into the beta code and found some lurking split screen action. Then he went ahead and showed us a video of what it looks like. What?!?! You betcha. Give it a gander.

lgg3 pocketnowJust in case you haven’t gotten enough LG G3 coverage, our beloved Editorial Director has another text and video piece about his first weekend with a new love phone. The associated video highlights some of the cooler features of the G3, including a premium finish, some fun photographic action, and a quick walkthrough of the software environment. Chomping at the bit for a review? Well, not anymore, but earlier in the week, this had to tide you over.

g3-m8-gs5-compareTaylor Martin then returns to expound on the virtues of the flagships we have seen in 2014 – an impressive collection of hardware to be sure. Taylor looks at the various phones we have seen and played with and quickly extolls their virtues and shortcomings, giving you a wrap up of our editor’s picks of the year. What is your favorite flagship of 2014 so far? Don’t forget to vote!

joshua topolsky rocking moto 360... that lucky guyAs anticipation builds for the official announcement of Moto 360, it seems to have made an appearance on none other than ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon. Naturally for us mobile tech nerds, the presence of the watch was far more exciting than a comedian or a tech journalist. Also on display was a new 3D “Oculus Rift” type of display from the makers on Sony, but Motorola stole the show in our eyes.

50-android-teaserFinally, we round out this roundup of tech with a bit of speculation. Some recent screenshots out of Google could potentially hint at the newest version of Android being a 5.0 release. I’ll let you click through for the story, but it seems plausible to us anyway. Click on through and tell us what you think.


Michael Fisher re-unboxes the Samsung Galaxy S5 after the shipping provider did the honors first while the phone was en route. Check out the hot camouflage action of the most rugged Samsung smartphone of 2014. Also pumping out from the sound-booth-of-plenty, Michael’s first look at the LG G3 – 48 hours of awesome. Finally, round out your video blitz with Joe Levi’s comparison of two mid-range rangers – HTC Desire 816 versus HTC One mini 2. If you can handle the alpha-numeric overload, check out the videos below.


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