LG webOS smartwatch could arrive early next year

A new, round, smartwatch made by LG, popped up at CES 2015, and could (or could not) be the G Watch R2. The South Korean company already has a couple of smartwatches in its portfolio, but, according to a recent report, we might see a webOS smartwatch in about a year from now. “We’re going to slowly try to build an (software) ecosystem around areas we can have more control over”, said the unnamed source, referring to the fact that LG might start to move away from Android Wear (or at least have an alternative).

Another person familiar with the matter, still unnamed, claims that LG might soon unveil another smartwatch which would be capable of making phone calls on its own, without the need of a smartphone, pretty much like the Samsung Gear S. This model will likely be powered by Android Wear, like the G Watch R, but the webOS smartwatch is still about a year away, claims the report.

As a reminder, LG purchased webOS from Hewlett Packard (which bought out Palm), and has tweaked the operating system to apply to it to other consumer electronics, like smart TVs.

Update: The watch mentioned above in the report does indeed exist and it made an appearance at CES (an unofficial one) at the Audi booth. There is still no name for the watch, or any other information concerning it.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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