webOS gets new Browser With Tabs, Anonymous Browsing

G.P. Imports, a software development firm that boasts a wide catalog of apps for multiple platforms released their new web browser to the webOS app catalog today. Named “Complete Browser” it is touted as having the most features of any browser available on the platform.

Features that set the browser apart from existing solutions are full tab support with gesture recognition for switching between tabs (swipe left or right on the tab bar), an easy toggle for full screen browsing, and anonymous surfing. Initial reports are that it also performs faster than the built-in browser.

There are also some reports of bugs in the browser such as false “Couldn’t connect to server” reports after a page has fully loaded, some sporadic crashes, and multiple “app closing” sounds on shutdown. As the application has only just been released at version 1.0.0, updates to address these issues can be expected. The browser is available now on Palm’s app catalog for $0.99 and supports webOS 1.0.0 and above.

Source: Pre|Central App Gallery, G.P. Imports

Via: Pre|Central Portal

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