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WebOS Games Ported onto the Nokia N900

By Legacy October 26, 2010, 4:29 pm

A Nokia N900 has been hacked to run games written specifically for the webOS platform. A video posted on YouTube shows The Sims3 running perfectly on the device.

It is not that much of a surprise when you consider the Nokia N900 shares quite a few hardware similarities with the Palm Pre. They both have an OMAP3430 processor, PowerVR SGX GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and both operating systems are based on Linux. Native webOS applications are written with SDL 1.2 which the N900 also supports.

Members of a Maemo forum also report success with Need for Speed Undercover and Let's Golf. There is one major stumbling block for anyone interested in giving this a try. The Nokia N900 does not support multi-touch; any game that requires multi-touch will not be playable.


Source: Maemo.org Via: PreCentral


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