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Wear OS will allow left-handed users to flip the UI orientation

By Roland Udvarlaki January 12, 2022, 9:30 am

Google is finally spending some time polishing up Wear OS, the dedicated platform made for smartwatches. Google has been working on adding new features and making some much-needed optimizations to the operating system on Wear OS 3.0, which is developed in partnership with Samsung. Google also shared that future Wear OS devices will support left-handed users, which will allow them to flip the UI orientation to make it more suitable for them.

Current generation of Wear OS smartwatches can be used on the right wrist, but it often provides uncomfortable button placements, and left-handed support was never properly added, making Wear OS another platform that wasn’t user-friendly. The screen also doesn’t support orientation, hence forcing the user to wear the smartwatch on their left hand, which is not suitable for everyone.


That might soon change, as Google updated an issue as “Fixed” on the Google Issue Tracker (via 9to5Google) platform where users can submit feature requests, discover bugs and other findings they have regarding a Google-made platform or a Google device.

“Our development team has implemented the feature you have requested and will be available on future new devices.”

It’s unclear when this essential feature will arrive to Wear OS smartwatches, and we have no information on which devices it will be supported on. The UI orientation feature will be available on “future new devices”, which unfortunately doesn’t confirm whether Wear OS 3.0 will have it by default; however, we may see it in a future software update.

We expect the feature to be available in the settings, and we hope the user will be asked whether the smartwatch is going to be worn on either the left or right hand upon setting up the smartwatch to make the procedure simpler and far easier to manage. If you haven’t seen how Wear OS 3.0 will look like, we have a few user interface screenshots here to give you a better idea.


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