We might have to wait until October for the 6.1” LCD iPhone with new colors

Delays in Apple’s production chain have been a common topic during the last year. We have seen them in the iPhone X, in the HomePod and now in the LCD iPhone. The most recent one might be due to the amount of components available for the production of device, or maybe we might be witnessing some sort of market strategy.

According to Katy Huberty, a noted Apple analyst from Morgan Stanley, the 6.1” LCD iPhone might be on sale until October due to the backlighting system that allows this device to have a near bezel free design. This is not the first time we see this type of information, Ming Chi Kuo also reported delays in the production of the LCD model. We don’t really know if this delay might be planned or not, but it’s not so hard to believe that Apple could want to give its OLED iPhones to have a head start on sales.

We also have word of some changes in the color scheme of these iPhones. We are most definitely getting black, orange, white and blue variations, but the gold and red variations could be replaced by yellow and taupe. We might have to wait until October, but at least we’re going to have plenty of colors to choose from in this new iPhone.

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