iPhone 9 / iPhone SE price, launch date
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We have heard rumors saying that the next iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9 would arrive sometime in March, but famous leakster Evan Blass has given us a more precise time span. Last night, he tweeted a timeline mentioning some of the upcoming smartphone events, and there we can find Apple’s next iPhone.

The iPhone 9 is supposed to be Apple’s newest budget-friendly device. This smartphone is said to have a design similar to the one we found in the iPhone 9, but we would get more screen real state and the return of Touch ID. Now, rumors mention that this device is starting to be mass-produced during this month, meaning that we could expect it to be announced soon. Evan Blass says the announcement of the iPhone SE 2 (iPhone 9) could take place in mid-March, and he also points out the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S20 devices to their owners. At the moment, no one can confirm or deny this information, but if an Apple event is coming to announce this new device, we may just have to wait a week or two before we get an official announcement.

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