We get new leaked images from leaker @L0vetodream, where he shows us what’s supposed to be the new USB-C to Lightning cables that will arrive with the next iPhone 12 that would come in white. At the same time that he shows us another braided cable that would be for another, more powerful Apple device.

We have heard rumors saying that the new iPhone 12 will arrive with some changes. They would ship in thinner, more elegant boxes that will only include the device, some paperwork, and a new braided USB-C to Lightning cable. We now get more images of this cable, thanks to leaker @L0vetodream. He shows two cables, one in white and another in black, that’s supposed to be the new cable for the iMac Pro. These new cables would be more durable than Apple’s current USB-C to Lightning cables, and it is also believed that they will be exclusive to the new iPhone 12 models.

Source MacRumors

Via Twitter

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