Waterproofing for the Google Pixel 2 “on the table”

Google faced difficulties trying to fit in waterproofing in its limited development timeframe for the Pixel. Can it try again for the next one?

9to5Mac reports that hopes for better ingress protection are “still on the table” at this relatively late stage. That’s according to one source that previously said that the feature would be a “definite” on a Pixel sequel. What kind of priorities in features, design and engineering take over at Google will tell the story for the next device.

For example, the so-called “Pixel 2” is also said to be amping up optic hype with a specific focus on low-light camera abilities. That means a relatively low megapixel count, but compensation in “extra features.” If HTC, the company that manufactured the Pixel, is being brought on to reprise its role for the Pixel 2, we’ll see if we’re dealing with “UltraPixel” quality, here.

While device specifics are still in the development cycle, it is believed that said cycle includes several test devices with chipsets developed in-house and from Qualcomm, Intel and MediaTek — products from the latter of the three has been discarded from consideration. Testing is ongoing.

A “Pixel 2B” is also in the brainstorm and prototype stage that would lower the specification and price bar for a full-on Google experience in targeted regions (think emerging markets). This device would be launched either with or after the Pixel 2’s debut.

Pricing for the Pixel 2 is expected to start from at least $699 while the “2B” is only told to be “significantly cheaper” than that.

We are months away from launch, but we definitely have a learning base to develop from with this missive.

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