How many of you went out and snatched-up the Galaxy S 4 as soon as you had the opportunity, only to end up kicking yourself a little when the waterproof Galaxy S 4 Active showed its face just a few months later? While other OEMs had been embracing waterproofing for their flagships, this was a new development for Samsung, and from the sounds of it, it’s one we can hope to see repeated in the company’s future.

A report out of South Korea says that Samsung’s seen a favorable response to the GS4 Active, and as a result is planning more waterproof designs. One could be a variant of the still-quite-new Galaxy Note 3 – and separately, we’ve heard that Samsung’s upcoming curved display model could also be part of the Note 3 family. Further down the road, there’s the claim that Samsung is already planning a waterproof Galaxy S 5.

Then again, this translation manages to jumble things up a little, and it’s not clear if we’re looking at another Active model for the GS5, or if Samsung just might go all out and build that waterproofing right into the base GS5 – no special Active edition required. Frankly, either way would be fine – at least with the Active flavor public knowledge by this point, there won’t be any surprises post-launch.

Source: ETNews (Google Translate)
Via: Android Guys

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