Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini hinted

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active kicked off the durable/outdoors smartphone trend in the South Korean manufacturer’s product portfolio last year, and, instead of opting for a separate device in 2014, Samsung has decided to make the Galaxy S 5 flagship waterproof from the very start. We do know (based on last year’s experience) that there will be a Galaxy S5 Mini, but what we didn’t know, comes to us from none other than Samsung (its New Zealand page).

Linked below (and extracted in the screenshot) you will see general conditions for warranty exclusions in case of improper use of the S5 and S4 Active, causing water damage. However, if you read carefully, you’ll see the waterproof Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini listed as well. This is not only a confirmation of the phone (to which we really had no doubts), but it also reassures us that the S5 will lend its waterproof attributes to the S5 Mini as well, making it suitable for active users.

Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Source: Samsung
Via: PhoneArena

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