Is this the waterproof Apple iPhone 6?

There’s no shortage of iPhone 6 leaks and we can’t really tell whether this is the real deal or a hoax. Apple’s been so good at keeping secrets of its upcoming devices in the past, and then we’ve seen the latest Apple products being leaked all over, so this could go both ways. What you see above and below (and at least two dozen other images at the source link) is purportedly the waterproof Apple iPhone 6?

Wait, what? Well, that’s what the image below seems to try to convey. The device pictured in this set seems to be in line with other rumors we’ve heard, including a somewhat curvy screen/front panel, as well as resemblance with dummies pictured (both front — with the golden button ring — and back) previously.

However, most importantly, if Apple makes the iPhone 6 waterproof, it will manage to create a product that would compete, in this category, as well, with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z2 (which we’re currently reviewing).

Of course, this set of images allegedly showing off the waterproof Apple iPhone 6 needs to be taken with the usual dose of skepticism. Other rumors talk about not one, but two iPhone models for this year: a 4.7-inch for August, and a 5.5-inch version for September.

Note: some of the images show scratches on the front of the device, meaning it’s either a pre-production model with a plastic front — the iPhone 6 is expected to have sapphire glass front — or just a dummy whose legitimacy is up to you.

waterproof Apple iPhone 6

Source: Moscoat

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