Samsung is less than a week from launching its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge smartphones in Barcelona, so of course it would be getting its ducks ready. And the media is just picking them off like they’re on the Super Nintendo.

Samsung Indonesia has prepped a landing page for “The Next Galaxy” to drop on and in it, there’s a slide that forebodes “WORRY-LESS DISCOVERY.” A corner of the device is exposed by light in the picture behind some air bubbles. Putting two and two together, we’re fairly certain that we have at least a water-resistant device coming from the chaebol next week. Maybe even better.

A minute-long ad featuring two big-time Indonesian athletes showing off what’s to be the Galaxy S7 edge in the rain (and also wirelessly charging, but not simultaneously of course) is also featured.

We’ve been hearing about shielding the Galaxy S7 for a while now, but were a little more compelled to see it applied to something other than the Galaxy S6 Active or the Galaxy S5.

Source: Samsung
Via: Phone Probe

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